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Importance of Automated Testing in Quality Assurance

Quality is the heart of any product. From a simple water bottle to an expensive television set, most of us buy everything only after we are convinced that the quality of the product is good and serves our purpose. 

Most of us prefer quality over quantity in the various spheres of life. Most of the big multinational companies strive for quality and as a result over the years have been able to develop a very steady and humble customer.

With advancements in almost every walk of life, modernization of tools has been a major achievement. There has been a renaissance in the field of testing and as a result, the toils of manual labour has also reduced to a great extent. 

However, it should be remembered in this case that automated testing has not completely demolished manual testing and there are still some provisions which can be achieved only with the help of manual testing.

What Is Automated Testing?

Automated testing or test automation is a software governed testing technique that performs tests using designated software. Automated testing is a machine-generated testing procedure which keeps a tab on expected and actual results as well as generates a detailed test report. 

The aim of automated testing is not to eliminate manual testing completely, but to reduce the number of test cases run manually.

What is Automated Testing on Quality Assurance (QA)

It is quite an obvious factor that before a product is sent to the client or made for sale in a market, it has to go through rigorous testing and every possible minor loophole has to be fixed at every cost. 

Automated testing aids the quality assurance branch of a company to conduct rigorous testing in multiple scenarios at a scale which is not quite possible manually. A good example would be before the launch of any app, rigorous testing is done on how the app would run in different mobile phones. 

This would reduce the need for manually testing each and every feature on different devices. It is a healthy practice to test every product rigorously before it goes out in the market. 

We have to take into consideration that even the best of the minds do have bad days. However, with automated testing, the chances of these mistakes reduce to a bare minimum which in turn increases the credibility of the product.

Automated Testing in Quality Assurance in the Software Industry

Software quality assurance is probably one of the major important processes in any software industry and as a result, automated testing has been a lifesaver in most of these companies. 

Automated testing is used to create automated tests which check the quality of the software that will be launched. Just like any other sector a software also needs to be thoroughly checked into before sending to the client or launching it. 

Automated testing takes care of almost every possible virus, bugs or any other interference. Automated testing is quite a cost-saving mechanism in the software industry however, it does not completely replace manual testing.

Importance of Automated Testing

  • One of the foremost benefits of automated testing is the manifold increase in the credibility of the product. An automated testing procedure very easily spots the loopholes and gives the makers ample time to mend them.
  • The second benefit of this is the reduced time structure. Manual and automated testing have a huge difference in the time required to complete testing as the former is completely done by humans while the latter is taken care of by machines.
  • The cost-effective nature of automated testing has made it a top favourite among various top companies around the world.
  • Automated testing is almost 10 times faster than manual labour and it can as well run on more than one platform which speeds up the delivery process and makes it possible to inaugurate the product at a much faster rate.

With the modernization of almost everything in our daily lives, automated testing has definitely made lives easier in the arena of quality assurance. 

As quality remains the top concern for most of the companies worldwide, automated testing has literally become a part and parcel. It not only saves time but is also quite a cost-effective procedure.  Also one of the biggest myths that automated testing eliminates manual testing needs to be addressed. Manual experts are still very much required to study the results of these automated tests and to bridge the gaps between the expected and actual results.

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