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Accessory That Makes Any Man Attractive

The Ultimate Accessory That Makes Any Man Attractive

As most men recognize, accessorizing is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. For instance, you could take two people who are wearing two very similar suits. And while both may look very fashionable, the one who knows how to accessorize will look the best. It is also for this reason that the fashion market has expanded so vastly into accessorizing. This has resulted in anyone being able to create, mix and personalize any accessories to their liking and on personal preferences. And that is how you can make your outfit or overall style unique, as nobody can duplicate the same combination that you have.

However, if there is a fashion accessory that most people find quite tricky to style. it’s the hat. However, it is also the one thing that is almost guaranteed to make any outfit look stylish almost instantaneously. If you dare to be bold, then you would be surprised how much a hat can improve your style and overall look. And while not many feel confident enough to pull it off, the fact remains that you should invest in some. It doesn’t matter if your budget won’t allow it as you don’t have to purchase overly expensive hats, as even custom hats cheap will suffice.

At the end of the day, they are a statement piece meant to accentuate any wardrobe and are a perfect way to upgrade your personal style from 0 to 100. This is why we’re going to dive into some of the most popular men’s hats. And also how best you can style them.

Baseball Cap

When it comes to baseball hats, you should always pick one that fits your head size perfectly. After all, very few things can be less flattering than a hat that looks loose or floppy on your head. In terms of fitting, you should always make sure that it fits just above your ears. However, the good thing is that most caps come with adjustable straps, so you should be able to make it fit you properly. If you can’t find one that suits you, then you can purchase some baseball caps customized. These hats will allow you to personalize their designs to suit your liking. So, you can add your branding, texts or graphic designs. In terms of styling, you can easily pair it with some casual wear also. This will give you a rather relaxed and laid-back style.

Moreover, baseball caps come with an extended variation called the dad hat. It is an accessory that has been trending in the past few years and while most may think it’s the same type of hat, that is not true. This is because dada hats are generally unstructured. In other words, they come without extra padding on the brim, unlike typical baseball caps. As such, those who opt to rock the dad hat, must wear something that is just as relaxed, like a pair of chinos or denim jeans.


The fedora hat is more inclined to those who favour the classic, chic and contemporary look, making it a timeless accessory for both men and women alike. And while in the past few years they haven’t been as popularly worn as they should be, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dare to be bold. When it comes to the fedora, the idea is to always go for solid hues. In other words, if it’s not black, white, brown, or any other simple toned down color, then it’s a no go.

You should also remember that the color of the hat has to also match your outfit very well. For instance, if you have a black hat that happens to be slightly lighter than your black blazer, then that would look quite odd. Moreover, since it is more of a winter hat, you should opt to experiment with some unique layers throughout your outfit.


There is no question that the beanie is the ultimate winter accessory. It does very well to not only keep you warm, but it is also extremely versatile enough to suit almost any outfit. You can either opt to pick a light fabric beanie for the warmer seasons or wear the more thicker knitted ones for the cold seasons. You can also simply pair them with a pair of casual jeans and t-shirt for a casual day out or with something slightly formal to add some levity to your look. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that although they are a fantastic staple, they can tend to ruffle up your hair when taken off. As such, if you are very conscious about how your hair looks in a  particular way, then you might be better suited to ordering some different wholesale baseball caps that you can easily swap around during the winter and summer seasons.

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