Sourav Ganguly

Revealing About Sourav Ganguly’s Love Story on His Birthday

The prince of Kolkata and the amazing cricketer Sourav Ganguly became well known for being captain Dillery. His life story is no less than any Bollywood movie and it all started when he decided to make his childhood friend his life partner, but his family was against it. (Reference: Bollywood Shaadis. Com, The Statesman)

Today is Sourav Ganguly’s 48th birthday and today on this special day let’s get to know about his love story. Sourav was in love with his neighbor Donna Roy since childhood. When both of them fell in love with each other they were unaware of this, but the fight between the neighbors always brought them obstacles in their love life. Both of their families were involved in business together but there was something that created a rift between the two families. Meanwhile, the love between the two didn’t stop but grew even stronger. Despite all the obstacles and conflicts they finally got married but not once but twice.

Both of the families belonged from different communities and Donna loved to Dance which the Ganguly’s didn’t like, but Sourav often went to see her dance performance. This went for many years and yet the family didn’t agree for them to marry each other and then the couple who were madly in love decided to take an important step. Meanwhile, Sourav was also selected for the Indian team and went to England in 1996. Ganguly’s performance on the tour was a blast and he already made an impression on the hearts of the fans by this time. Sourav when returned from England he discussed his relationship and his feelings to the Bengal cricket Mouli Banerjee who then decided to get them both married. They even went to the court to get married but the media persons also reached there and they had to return back. Then the marriage registrar came to the house and they both got married. The families of the two were unaware of this but later the secret was revealed. Then again after earning name and fame in the cricket world Sourav again tried to convince their family members and this time they had agreed. Then they finally got married again in a grand manner. The media persons also printed the love story of Sourav and Dona along with the photographs. It has been 24 years of their marriage and they are blessed with a daughter named Sana Ganguly.

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