Safest Cities in the World

Safest Cities in the World

Do you know what the safest cities in the world are? To give an answer to this, The Economist Intelligence Unit prepares a report about it. Its last report, Safe Cities Index, was published in 2021.

The index ranks a total of 60 cities in accordance with 76 different indicators. These indicators cover digital, health, infrastructure, personal and environmental security. Some of them include crime rates and life expectancy at birth.

To learn about the top 10 safest cities, keep on reading the following list.

1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen ranks the first safest city in the world according to the index. The low crime rate in this city is the most effective reason for such a rank. Besides that, the living standards here are high, and there are equal rights for all members of society. Another important quality of the city is that there’s a narrow wealth gap. This enables all parts of society to reach services and resources in an equal way.

Also, riding a bike is a common activity while going somewhere here. You can even see the royal family members doing this. What’s more, it’s safe for all sections of society to walk around freely in this city.

Copenhagen’s overall score is 82.4/100.

2. Toronto

Toronto is the second safest city according to the Safe Cities Index. The most crowded city in Canada, Toronto, is home to people from different races. Because of this, the city offers a multicultural environment for the residents. This brings out tolerance and harmony in the city. Also, using public transportation and taxis is safe for everyone here.

Toronto’s overall score is 82.2/100.

3. Singapore

Singapore is a safe destination to go and visit regardless of your identity or gender. You can visit the country alone, and it’s safe enough. Also, almost all parts of the country speak English, so, foreigners don’t have a communication problem here.

Singapore boasts of the cleanness provided in public areas like restaurants and toilets. Also, it’s safe and affordable to use a taxi here. You won’t encounter hidden fees from taxi drivers.

Singapore’s overall score is 80.7/100.

4. Sydney

Being one of the safest cities in the world, Sydney is home to a multicultural environment. Thanks to this, every individual feels both welcomed and secure in Sydney. Also, you can easily see that the locals are also friendly. In addition, the city provides various business opportunities as well.

Besides the safety-related and financial benefits, Sydney provides land to be adored with its beauty.

Sydney’s overall score is 80.1/100.

5. Tokyo

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, and Tokyo is one of the cities that renders it so. Crime rates here are quite low as most of the cities listed in this article. For this reason, it’s also safe to walk outside at night. It’s also safe to use public transportation in Tokyo.

People in Tokyo are also kind and respectful. So, for instance, when you lose your possession somewhere, someone is sure to bring it to you.

Tokyo’s overall score is 80/100.

6. Amsterdam

As a tourist destination, Amsterdam is already a very popular city. In addition to its popularity, the city is known for the safety it provides as well. You can visit the city comfortably by using public transportation or renting a bike. In addition, you can talk to people here easily. Most of the local residents in Amsterdam speak English. You can also walk along the neighborhoods of this city safely. There are only a few exceptions, but this doesn’t mean that the whole city is dangerous to visit. You can be just more careful while visiting such few areas, and that’s all.

Amsterdam’s overall score is 79.3/100.

7. Wellington

As one of the safest countries, New Zealand has a safe city that ranks seven in this index. Wellington is quite a safe city to walk around safely. Also, it’s safe to use a taxi in this city regardless of the time of the day.

Wellington’s overall score is 79/100.

8. Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you’ll see very low crime rates although the rate is not zero. Still, even such few crimes are on the decrease. In general, it’s safe to walk around at night in Hong Kong. Also, you can use public transportation safely until late hours.

In addition, Hong Kong boasts its welcoming of foreign workers as well. This contributes to safety and variety in society.

Hong Kong’s overall score is 78.6/100.

9. Melbourne

Melbourne is the ninth of the safest cities in the world. It’s also the second-largest city in Australia. It’s a city where you can find friendly and helpful people. You can safely use public transportation in Melbourne if you’re not far from the center. Here, you can enjoy your time by visiting galleries and museums.

Melbourne’s overall score is 78.6/100.

10. Stockholm

Stockholm is a safe city in terms of both low crime rates and the effectiveness of the police force. You can easily and quickly reach the police when you have a problem. You can also walk safely in the streets thanks to the lighting system as well. The public transportation system works well, so you can use it safely, too.

Stockholm’s overall score is 78/100.

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