SEO for HVAC: The Only Guide You Need to Rank High Everywhere

Among people who did a local web search, 72% visited a store within five miles. But how do you show up in their search? The answer is by creating a strategy for SEO for HVAC companies.

An HVAC SEO strategy will incorporate techniques that will help you rank highly in search engines, so potential customers will find and contact your company. Let’s take a look at steps you can take to rank higher.

Choose Strategic Keywords

One of the first steps is to think about what they are looking for and what keywords they will search for. You should use these target keywords throughout your website.

You may include your location and the main services you provide as keywords. For example, “Atlanta HVAC” or “Atlanta air conditioning repair” could be keywords if you are located in Atlanta.

These keywords should be in headers, website copy, and HTML content. However, they should always be placed naturally in your content.

Keyword research can help you find potential HVAC keywords for SEO. You may want to focus on a main primary keyword and sprinkle in a few secondary keywords as well.

Including your keywords in the HTML of your website can help search engines crawl and read your website easier. You should include them in the URL and meta title tags, as well as in the meta description of your pages.


You should use your keywords in high-quality content. You could create a blog with educational resources of seasonal tips in order to incorporate new content throughout the year. This is also a great way to rank for long-tail keywords or more unique ones.

Search engines rank individual pages, not entire websites. It’s important that you use SEO techniques on each page, not just the home page. You can create multiple web pages if you want to rank for multiple different keywords.

You could create one page about heating services and another about air conditioning repair services. This will help you hone in on the specific services your potential customer is most interested in.

Local SEO

Your goal is to bring in customers who are looking for an HVAC company in your area. In order to do this, you need to use local SEO HVAC keywords so users can find you within their service area.

Also, make sure to update Google My Business. This will help your company be displayed in local searches and maps. You may also want to consider listing your company on review and directory sites.

You could also use PPC advertising to further drive clicks to your website. HVAC SEO services can help create ads that will get results and drive additional HVAC leads.

Website Optimization

Make sure your website is fast and easy to use. You should optimize your website for mobile devices. Many people look up HVAC services on their phones. You want them to be able to find your page at the top of the search and easily use it.

Information that your customers need should be displayed prominently. You want them to see your phone number, hours, and service area quickly, so they know you are a good choice and can contact you easily.

Create Your HVAC SEO Plan

SEO for HVAC companies is a little different than SEO for other companies. By using keywords, local SEO strategies, and other techniques, you can develop an effective SEO action plan. Incorporating HVAC SEO strategies can make it a lot easier for potential customers to find you.

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