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WhatsApp Marketing – Why Your Business Needs This?

The power of social media has always been incredible. It can connect you with your friend anywhere in the world. In the same way, it has impacted businesses in a positive way. 

There are so many types of social media platforms with millions of active users like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. 

Let’s talk about WhatsApp. It is one of the most used social platforms where you can call, text, video call, send voice messages, share images and more. 

Whatsapp can be great for your business too. Let’s know-how using WhatsApp can help your business to grow and how your business itself needs it.

  • Has Billions of Active Users

Whatsapp is one of the most used social media platforms today. It connects about two billion people from all over the world. Having such a vast number of users will help you to get your business recognized easily. 

It has been proved that WhatsApp has 1600 million active users every month. This also means that your targeted audience is already on WhatsApp.

A business can use this platform to leverage it in order to engage with the targeted audiences.

  • People Prefer to Chat Rather than Making Calls 

It has been proved that people prefer to chat rather than making phone calls. This is another reason that shows why your business should engage in WhatsApp marketing. 

About 80% of people prefer using SMS services or WhatsApp. On the other hand, messages are quick to read and cannot be ignored but phone calls often get missed.

  • Comes With High User Engagement 

Like we mentioned earlier, messages get feedback more in comparison to the calls. Messages are easy and quick to read. 

It has been proved too that 98% of the messages are opened and 90% out of them are responded to. Using WhatsApp marketing for your business can bring higher user engagement. 

Other than that, you will get a chance to talk with your customer directly just like having a conversation in a physical store. This interaction leads to making your customer feel more connected with you and also creates brand loyalty. 

  • Conversations are Personalized

Using WhatsApp marketing means you get a chance to personalize your conversations. You get to know your customers from a closer view and know their needs and demands. 

For example, when you are connected to the regular customers on WhatsApp and know about their needs then you send relevant messages to them that can draw their attention.

  • Comes With Diverse Features 

WhatsApp marketing comes with other diverse features like you can create a group of up to 256 people at a time, use the broadcast feature to share announcements, upload status to advertise about the new products, share links of the products and services. 

Other than that you can also call your customers directly and speak to them regarding business-related matters.

  • It Is Free 

The best part of using WhatsApp marketing is that it is totally free unless you choose to use business API or integrating third-party chatbots. 

You can use WhatsApp and the other features that come with it for free and let your customers know about your brand, the product and the services it has to offer.

Whatsapp marketing is a tremendous marketing opportunity that your business can use to create awareness. All you need to have is the right strategies to target your audiences and draw their attention towards you.

Brands and businesses always look forward to growth and expansion. Involving in digital marketing can help businesses to grow, increase their sales, generate leads and gain brand loyalty with the customers.

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