SEO Trends 2020

Top 12 SEO Trends for 2020 That You Must Know

As online competition is continuously increasing and new websites are being launched, it’s time to reconsider your content marketing strategy and spends on SEO. Websites should meet the exact requirements set by search engines like Google, and this is where SEO strategy becomes vital.

You should know what SEO trends are on the horizon so that you can update the website consequently and make sure that extra views and customers find you in the search engine results.

1. BERT Update

One of the most important SEO Trends in 2020 is the transition from keyword filling to an additional intent-based optimization. And the BERT update Google launched in October 2019 is a step in that direction.

BERT, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, will affect 1 in 10 all web searches. It values user-focused optimization, fresh website UX/architecture, and content delivery over just showering the content with keywords.

2. Zero Click Searches

Users are increasingly accessing more dynamic content from search. To that end, Google is improving its user experience by having users access information from the search results page without having to click on a link. They can get the answer they need without having ever to leave the search results page.

As part of SEO, you now have to optimize your content for such enhanced search results as well. According to a fresh report, 34.4% of all desktop searches result in zero-click searches. On top of that, 62.5% of mobile users never even click the search results!

Zero Click Searches

3. Voice Search

With the influx of all the Alexa’s and Google Home’s in people’s living room, voice search has now not only become mainstream and accessible but also all-pervasive. Moreover, 20% of all mobile searches are now voice searches.

People search the way they talk, which means it is often a question and very specific. Most voice searches are local, which means optimizing your website for local SEO with the help of a reliable SEO services India company is an excellent strategy to rank higher in voice search results.

Mobile SEO

4. Mobile SEO is necessary

Mobile pages are becoming very popular in 2020.

A website that does not have a mobile version will lose its users. With better network infrastructure and cheaper smartphones, mobile devices now have a far reach and are more often than not the very first computing internet devices for most people.

Mobile searches are now 88%, whereas computer and tablet searches combined account for 84%. Your mobile UX will determine your SEO performance. A clean and well laid out UX which surfaces relevant content front and center, and responsive design will easily trump a mobile website that has a clunky UI and poorly structured content.

5. E-A-T

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) is an important factor by which Google weighs the credibility of your website.

In 2020, Google will continue to look at E-A-T, and also the people who share content on behalf of that website/company. Companies with a poor reputation and a high friction customer service experience will find it much harder to position their websites in front of users.

6: Using influencers for SEO

Influencer marketing is continuing to have an impact, especially for those in the fashion, beauty, e-commerce, lifestyle, and travel sectors. Users are looking for authentic information from trusted sources. They are more likely to trust information from an influencer than an ad.

Influencers with a targeted and niche audience, create content that is highly specific and highly valuable to a particular audience. Working with the right influencer can help you generate high-quality traffic and amplify your content’s reach on search results.

7. Search Intent

Understanding search intent is vital if you want your website not only to rank higher but also to generate valuable traffic. Every keyword has a purpose behind it. And matching the content with the search intent is important in making SEO for Dummies work.

Building better customer personas are one way to build a better search intent match. Re-optimizing your old content to target those high-intent keywords works too.

8. Visual Search

Human beings are visual thinkers. Images make more sense and convey a lot more to us than text. According to MIT, 90% of the information conveyed to the human brain is visual.

For example, when you are at your local grocery store, you are searching by ‘visual cues’ rather than textual sentences. In a much similar manner, visual search crosses the divide and comes to the online world. Visual search uses images to search than text.

Artificial Intelligence parses through these images to make sense of what it is seeing and give you relevant search results. Pinterest, Google, and Bing are the top visual search platforms.

Visual Search

9. Secure Websites

User safety is an additional trend that doesn’t seem to have much to do with SEO, but it’s essential for the website user. If a user doesn’t feel harmless while visiting a website then they will leave quickly. Or if they see a “Not Secure” warning appear, they may decide to not proceed to your page. As an outcome, high bounce rates could disturb the position of that page in the organic search listing.

It’s essential to enable HTTPS protocol for the site. HTTPS gives website users a secure connection that is both encrypted and authenticated. Google wants to offer its users a secure browsing experience so that they can implement HTTPS with a minor SEO boost.

10. Videos as a Source of Information

Just as voice searches are becoming much more popular, videos on the internet are also exponentially on the rise. Studies from Google and other administrations show that 6 out of 10 people would relatively watch online videos than television. In many ways, it seems that YouTube has now become the new TV.

Current internet users, especially millennials and fresher, choose to get information through online videos, either for academic purposes or just for entertainment. That’s why applying online video must be on the locater for most businesses. An excellent video can attract several users if it’s dynamic and doesn’t put viewers to sleep.

Videos as a Source of Information

11. High-Quality Content

Online ads still work for driving business, but we’ll see that they’ll get even more expensive in the coming years. And unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that customers will respond to your ads. 91% of total money spend on ad is viewed for less than a second which led to a $38 billion in digital money spend on ad wasted in 2017.

That’s why creating high-quality content is an essential component of actual SEO strategies. Users want content that’s appropriate and helpful and that’s what Google tends to reward with higher search engine rankings. People head to search engines with questions, and the websites need to deliver the answers.

12. Content-Length

We have already discussed how the ranking raised on the quality of the content that we publish, but we should talk about the length as well. Websites that contain lengthier high-quality content usually get extra visibility today. Internet users prefer to get all the information they need from a single consistent source. Studies have shown that pages that have articles of 2,000 or further words frequently get more readers than an article with fewer words.

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