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Six Tips For Making Moving Less Stressful

There are few experiences in life that are as stressful as moving house.

Getting everything ready in time, worrying about breakages,and the pain of unpacking at the other end makes it one of those life experiences which simply has to be endured.

It doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare though. Here are some top tips to take the stress out of moving day.

Clear the clutter

Carry out a serious declutter before beginning to pack. Give yourself a few weeks to get rid of anything unneeded and unloved, as you want to avoid transporting a load of belongings you no longer have any need for.

This simple step will make packing up, moving, and unpacking so much easier, so it’s well worth beginning your move with this important step.

Use storage

Pack up the non-essentials early and put them into storage. Choosing climate-controlled storage will keep all your belongings in good condition so you will be happy to leave it all there until you are settled in the new place. You can find out more about climate-controlled storage at

The less you need to load, transport,and unload on moving day, the better.

Don’t have mystery boxes

When packing, clearly mark which room the box belongs in so you can easily sort everything at the other end. Write on the top and the side of the box so you can find out what’s inside whether the boxes are stacked or pressed together side by side.

Also take care to mark which way up boxes should go and if the contents are fragile.

Hire a professional

While hiring a truck and doing the move yourself might seem like an obvious cost-cutting exercise, when you take into account any breakages, injuries, and the stress involved, it starts to look like a less-appealing option.

Professionals can help with packing and transporting your belongings and they are experienced in lifting and loading, along with having all the right equipment for moving your items safely.

Make a box of essentials

When you arrive in your new home you’re almost certainly going to want a drink and to use the bathroom. Make sure you pack an essentials box which will be transported by you, including the necessary ingredients and equipment to make a drink, a roll of toilet paper and cleaning materials, so you can give the place a once over before you begin unpacking.

Get insurance

No one wants their belongings lost or damaged on route, but if the worst were to happen, having the right moving insurance to fall back on will make dealing with it that much easier. Just knowing you are insured will also take a lot of the stress out of the day, too. Come moving day, you’re never going to feel completely stress-free but following these top tips will help you dial it down to more manageable levels, meaning you can allow yourself to feel just a little bit excited about the next exciting step in your life’s journey.

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