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Tech-Long Soda Filling Machines Upgrade to Meet Global Soda Demand Growth

Since entering the 21st century, we have been facing the invasion of various epidemics. The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 raised the importance of health among consumers, forcing them to pay more attention to healthy food. 

In the beverage industry, health drinks such as soda water are coming into the public view followed by the increasing popularity of substitutes for sugary and carbonated beverages among global consumers. Soda water contained minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium, which is a natural carbonate. It has many medicinal properties, such as improving the digestive system, increasing satiety, reducing constipation, and enhancing swallowing ability. In addition, Soda drink contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease.



It is these health characteristics of soda water that drive its demand in the global market. A report from Persistence Market Research shows that the global soda water market reached the US $24.51 billion in 2019, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 11.8% from 2020 to 2027.

Soda drinks see its broad development prospects when compared to sugary carbonated drinks and soft drinks that can lead to a variety of health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. This phenomenon has also stimulated many entrepreneurs to invest in soda water production lines to obtain the market dividend of soda water in the next few years. In order to meet the enormous global demand for soda water, it is necessary for bottled soda water enterprises to introduce the advanced soda filling machine and soda bottling machine to improve their production capacity.

Seeing the growing trend of the global soda market, suppliers in the beverage filling industry have been customized their liquid filling machines to meet such strong demand. Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been one of the leaders in this field. As the first listed beverage packaging machinery company in China, Tech-Long is committed to providing automated solutions for beverage enterprises, including filling series, bottling series, bottle blowing, filling and capping series, labeling series, conveying series, etc. With an in-depth understanding of each process of soda production line and analysis of advantages and disadvantages, Tech-long has launched its ultra-hygienic filling equipment at a normal temperature designed for the soda production line.

The ultra-clean filling characteristics constitute the most significant advantage of Tech-Long’s soda filling machines and soda bottling machines. In order to popularize and develop the aseptic filling technology, Tech-Long introduced the ultra-clean filling process (ultra-clean cold chain process, ultra-clean normal temperature process, ultra-clean medium temperature process) based on the core technology of the aseptic filling line. 

Tech-Long’s ultra-hygienic filling equipment at a normal temperature utilizes aseptic filling’s microbial control technology and a strict disinfection process to fill the product in a 100-level environment at room temperature of 20~35℃ to ensure that the product is not affected by external pollution during filling.

Enterprises always subject to consumer complaints because soda water is easy to be seriously polluted by mold. To improve this situation, Tech-Long upgrades its PET bottle soda filling machines that allow enterprises to fill at normal temperature. It can minimize the heating time of the beverage and maintain the original flavor. Besides, the shelf life of the soda drinks can be extended to 12 months without any preservatives if filled and packed by Tech-Long’s soda bottling machines.

What is worth mentioning is that Tech-Long’s ultra-clean filling technology breaks through the design limitations of hot filling. PET bottle soda filling machine allows bottle shape design to achieve diversification and packaging material to achieve lightweight without considering heat resistance factors. This reduces the considerable cost of the soda production line for soda water manufacturers.

So far, Tech-Long’s beverage packaging solution has gotten great applications and affirmation in the international market with its advanced ultra-clean filling technology. Predictably, the soda market will grow exponentially in North America, and the rapid industrialization and the increase of disposable income have caused consumers to pay attention to the soda market in the Asia Pacific region. Under such a bright situation, enterprises have to update their soda filling machines and soda packaging machines to meet the greater market demand and diversified consumer demand.

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