Area Of Circle And Square

Importance Of Perimeter And Area Of Circle And Square In Real Life

Geometry is an integral aspect of mathematics. Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with the size, form, and relative location of figures and their surroundings. Learning the measurable aspects of different shapes like area and the perimeter of a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, and other forms become essential as geometry has numerous practical applications, especially in engineering and architecture.

The properties of an object, as well as a space, such as volume and strength, are calculated using geometrical concepts. Geometry is related to a lot of what we see around us. The universe we live in is largely made up of geometric figures. This is especially true in the field of architecture. Without a proper understanding of geometry, ancient Egyptians may not have built the pyramids. Different houses and structures are built in various geometric forms to have a fresh look as well as sufficient air and light flow. Suppose the shape of the plot of land is a square; hence for deciding the amount of construction material, calculation of the area of square becomes essential. Protractors, scales, measuring tape, and other geometrical instruments are used in architecture, astronomy, calculations, and drawing. By merging different geometric shapes, various art forms can be formed.

The majority of architectural styles are made up of abstract shapes. These trends were not formed by accident. The designs involved complicated computations, and some geometric figures were not only designed for artistic purposes but also served practical purposes. Even structures are the product of geometric functions.

Geometrical shapes are also commonly found in sports. A rectangular football field, as we know, is marked into ten-yard increments by the parallel lines. In hockey and soccer, similar fields are used. Also, a basketball court is rectangular, having different circles and arcs which have their own meaning in the game.

And to top, it all the most common thing that the majority of the games use is a ball which is a sphere. Depending on their density, weight, and size, they can be thrown at different speeds, and these properties of it define and have importance in the game which is being played. Consider the field of baseball, which again is made up of squares, rectangles, pentagons, and arcs. The catching, throwing, and hitting of the sphere or the ball decide the game.

Geometrical shapes play an important role in architecture and engineering too. The basic gears use the principles of geometry in combination with higher mathematics, creating some of the most interesting works. Geometry is everywhere. Even the woven fabric technology has its root in geometry. Many features or properties of a particular cloth depend on the individual fibers which are woven together for fabric making. As the way in which the threads interlace mutually define the final structure of the fabric.

Geometry is also used in the kitchen. For e.g., if we want to make a round cake, we’ll need a round pan first. To weigh various ingredients, begin with a base plate and then move on to measuring cups. Various appliances and utensils have geometric shapes or obey some geometric theory. Since the flame can heat the utensils, the burner’s form is oval with small holes that are also round.

Since geometric shapes and their measurements have multiple utilities in our everyday life, hence it becomes important to strengthen the geometry concepts. The students should take advantage of the math worksheet as they give enough practice to understand the concepts in an elaborate manner. Many worksheets are available these days on online websites. One such website is Cuemath which the students can refer to for downloading the math worksheets as it is a trustable brand in the field of online education.

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