Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

We live in an incredibly stressful world. Our fast-paced society offers little respite as we hurtle through our days and struggle to keep up with all the demands and responsibilities. Social media, which we once hoped would bring us closer together, incessantly insists on our constant attention. One moment merges into another without a break, as we find ourselves responding to office emails well into the night.

Massage offers a perfect getaway to a more relaxing, gentle land. In our culture, massage has evolved from a luxury service usually found in high end spas and retreats to a healing modality offered nearly everywhere. You can find studios in neighborhood strip malls, in hospitals and you can even get bodywork at the airport. This restorative therapy lets you step out of the craziness of daily life and enter a more comforting and restorative realm.

Relaxing the Body, Calming the Mind, Soothing the Soul

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, covering over two square meters, and contains millions of sensory receptors. When we receive a massage the feeling of touch triggers the release of significant levels of endorphins into our bloodstream. These contribute to the beautiful sense of well-being and the blissed out, slightly floaty effect we feel as the session progresses.

Massage therapy works at multiple levels within our being. First, it helps us relax our body as we let go of the physical stress we are carrying. As we are beautifully nurtured by the soothing touch our mind becomes calm. Our soul is soothed, for in those moments there is only well-being instead of the heavy burdens of the world.

Eases Pain

If you are experiencing pain from muscle strain due to overwork or overexertion, a massage can help your body heal. The therapist can apply just the right touch and pressure to your muscles, deep tissue and tendons. As you relax the muscles will loosen up and release the tension they are holding.

This form of therapy is also great for helping with headaches or back pain. People suffering from chronic headaches find that the muscles in their neck loosen up and their circulation increases when they get bodywork done. Back pain, which can be debilitating, can also be treated this way.

Helps Improve Sleep

When we get a massage, we enter a deep state of relaxation that carries over to the rest of the day. It also helps us get deeper and more restful sleep. The quality of our sleep is directly tied to the state of our nervous system. A great massage calms our nervous system and lets us slip easily into dreamland.

It’s especially beneficial for people who have insomnia or difficulty getting rest at night. Gentle bodywork can also help infants sleep better, which in turn helps the parents get the sleep they need. Licensed therapists can do infant massage and can also show the parents some techniques they can use. If you want to give yourself the gift of better health, consider getting regular massages. They help the body relax and heal, enhance our immune system and promote a deep sense of well-being that even carries over into our sleep

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