Acupuncture Treatments

The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Treatments

As you go through life your body can become drained and your energetic system depleted by all that is going on in our world. The stress of worries and daily living, our unhealthy diets and our lack of fresh, wholesome food can all affect our well=being. When we don’t get the sleep we need and our body is under constant pressure, it’s easy for our overall system to be out of balance.

One of the best modalities for helping us keep in balance is acupuncture. This practice originated in China at least 8,000 years ago. Historical documents from around 6000 BCE show that this modality was in use even before China’s Common Era. While today’s acupuncture uses fine-tipped needles, the earliest forms of this treatment used long, sharp bones and sharpened stones.

What to Expect During a Visit

While each acupuncture office and setting are different, you can generally expect to be seen by the practitioner who will listen to your description of what is going on and ask questions about how you are feeling. From there, you will lie on a table facing down or up and the practitioner will do further assessment before beginning their work.

If you are out of balance in certain areas, the acupuncturist will work with points along your energetic meridians. These meridians serve to circulate the flow of energy throughout the body. Your pain or discomfort may show the specialist which meridian needs to be treated. They can then choose the meridian that they must treat to “balance” the out of balance meridian.

What You Will Feel During a Treatment

Once the acupuncturist has determined the course of their treatment, they will insert the tip of very fine point needles into the acupuncture points. Although you might be concerned with the needles, when they are inserted by a trained and skilled professional you will feel very little. Once the needles are inserted you will be given a time to rest while your body balances.

You might find yourself drifting off peacefully as you are resting during the treatment. There’s often a feeling of well-being that comes over you as you enjoy the soothing feeling of being cared for by a kind professional and the healing begins to take place. Once you have rested, you may be asked to turn over and needling followed by rest may be done on your other side.

Why Seek Acupuncture

If you are experiencing chronic conditions and feeling out of balance you may want to explore acupuncture. Patients often turn to this treatment after finding that the things they have tried have not yet been able to help them. Acupuncture, with its whole body and whole system approach, can often provide the answer you are seeking.

In addition to needling, your practitioner may also supplement your treatment with traditional Chinese herbal mixtures specifically suited to your situation. The herbs provide the perfect bridge from your initial treatment to your next visit. If you want to be in balance and address your existing conditions in a more holistic way, then the 8,000-year-old tradition of acupuncture could be right for you. It will help balance your body and your systems, and improve your overall well-being too.

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