The Pros of Using Pinewood Products for Furniture

The Pros of Using Pinewood Products for Furniture

Homeowners and builders have been using pine furniture for some time. Pine was traditionally used for rustic, colonial, as well as pieces of craftsman style. But along with the changing times, Pinewood Products are also being used for a variety of contemporary pieces. You will find that pine is easier to work with both indoor and outdoor projects at home.

What Is Pinewood?

Pine makes an excellent choice for making pieces of furniture due to its unique qualities. It has a softer nature and stiffness at the same time. Pinewood typically comes with a creamy white appearance. While the particular shade may vary sometimes, some varieties of pine produce yellowish wood, and others make an incredibly white wood.

Pine has a distinct grain, and the knots are darker than the timber, giving it a prominent look. Over time, it acquires a patina that creates an antique-like appeal, which is attractive to many people. Moreover, it is quite easy to stain light-coloured pine to produce any colour preference. You also may allow its natural colour to shine and apply a clear coat for wood protection.

Consider the benefits of pinewood products.

  • Lightweight

In general, those furniture pieces made from pine are somewhat sturdy and heavy, but they are still lighter compared to other types of wood like oak. Being lightweight is an advantage, particularly when moving your furniture. If you wish to modify the look of your interior, rearranging pine furniture is much easier.

  • Swelling and shrinking resistant

Many types of wood can swell and shrink due to various factors such as temperature and humidity. But, Pinewood Products are resistant to this kind of damage; thus, having the ability to retain their original form.

  • Lots of options in colours

You can use your favourite colour with pine because this wood is easy to stain. With this, you have a wide variety of options in terms of paint, stain, and finish. On the other hand, you can stick with its natural, beautiful look. The light colour of the wood and prominent dark knots is a stunning look worth considering.

  • Durability

Pine is an extremely stiff timber. So, when you use pine for making furniture, you will have strong and durable pieces. The stiffness it provides is one of the reasons why pine is a popular wood for many construction projects.

  • Less impact on the environment

New growth of pine trees quickly replaces those that have been cut down. This is because pine trees have the amazing quality of growing at a faster rate. The pine trees that have been cut down are quickly replaced by new growth. Also, pine thrives well on farms and plantations, creating less impact on the natural habitat of certain animals.

  • Price

Furniture that is made from pine is usually more affordable than other wood versions of similar pieces. The primary reason for the lower price of pine is the faster growth of the pine trees. Also, pine growers have a shorter period to market the timber, enabling them to sell pinewood at a lower cost.

Pinewood is an attractive option for furniture. If you like country or rustic styles, pine makes a suitable material. Pinewood Products are shock-resistant, strong, and naturally beautiful. The dings and dents that tend to show up over time only add to the appealing and aged look of the wood.

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