The Public Perception about Vaping

The Public Perception about Vaping

Cigarettes are harmful; we all know that. Even the box of cigarettes has that written on it. “Smoking causes mouth cancer and other hazardous diseases.” Nicotine is harmful, and cigarettes are full of it. Smokers needed an alternative, and gladly, they got one – E-cigarettes, or the teens call ‘vape.’

For those who aren’t aware of what vape is, it’s an electronic device which gives you the same pleasure as cigarettes, but people say that it is less harmful. Honestly, who knows? Vape is not just nicotine and tobacco in it. The vape comes in several flavors that you can choose from Apple, mint, chocolate, and a lot more. There has been researching that shows that 39% of people support the ban on e-cigarettes, 29% oppose the ban on these, and 9% neither support nor oppose.

According to research, it is said that vapes are much more addictive than normal cigarettes, and they should not be used regularly, although the access to vape can only be granted with an adult ID. As much as people are happy that cigarette using has been decreased, the public is now being very stressed that these vapes might be creating a whole new generation of electronic smokers. Moreover, even if vapes and e-cigarettes are less harmful from normal cigarettes, these still are harmful and would cause diseases and issues if taken in a huge quantity.

There was another survey, which asked if the vapes and e-cigarettes contained more nicotine and tobacco as compared to the normal cigarettes. The finals answers told us that e-cigarettes and vapes had a much higher dose of nicotine in them, which made them more addictive as compared to the normal cigarettes.

There are several distinct perceptions of people about vapes and e-cigarettes mentioned the following:

  1. Vaping will lead to smoking

People firmly believe that vape develops a craving for smoking and eventually leads to smoking. Since vapes and e-cigarettes consist of nicotine and tobacco in them, they are highly addictive and can lead to an ultimate habit of smoking. Although, there are some studies which agree to this perception saying that e-cigarettes and vapes lead to smoking if used for a long time and other studies say that it does not lead to smoking.

E-Cigarettes have helped adult men in quitting the usage of normal cigarettes, but they did not end the craving for nicotine in their bodies.

  1. Vaping is as bad as smoking

E-cigarettes and cigarettes, what is the difference? They both are cigarettes one way or another, so if you are using either of them, you are a smoker. People believe that vapes are cigarettes, makes you look cool. Smoking these e-cigarettes while wearing an Arrow Jackets from Abbraci would definitely make one look cooler.

On the other hand, studies prove that e-cigarettes are way more harmful and hazardous than normal cigarettes. Vapes are electronic machines with flavors and nicotine in it. The only problem is that vapes and e-cigarettes consist of nicotine in them in a much higher amount as compared to that of normal cigarettes.

  1. Those things could explode in your face

This is a popular argument in this era. They say that these electronic devices known as vapes are not safe and can explode any time, including when they are in your mouth.

This might be true to some level, though. Vapes are machines and machines can’t be trusted. We need to make sure that we are buying the right vape and to keep a check on these devices are very important. The batteries of these vapes can burst out if anything goes wrong, so owners of these vapes and e-cigarettes need to be quite thorough when using them.

  1. It is less harmful than cigarettes

Some people think that e-cigarettes and vapes are much less harmful than normal cigarettes as they are electronic and you can handle the amount of nicotine and tobacco you use in them. This perception is certainly not true.

There is research that proves that e-cigarettes and vapes are much more hazardous as compared to normal cigarettes. Vapes are electronic devices, and they contain a huge amount of nicotine to make the smoke. This nicotine affects negatively on the user and is proved to be much more harmful than normal cigarettes.

Using vapes – adults and teenagers

It is proved that vapes can help adult and experienced smokers to quit smoking. This is obviously an e-cigarette, which is an alternative of the actual tobacco filled cigarette. There have been cases when years of smoking are cured with a vape. This alternative fulfills your craving of nicotine and drives you away from your desire to smoke. This still does not say that they quit smoking. Overall, these smokers just switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

On the other hand, these vapes and electrical cigarettes are trending so much nowadays that every other kid in the neighborhood is using them to look cool. This is absolutely opposite to quitting smoking. If you are not a smoker already, these e-cigarettes will only pull you closer to the craving of nicotine. Most kids get addicted to e-cigarettes and vapes after using them for a time; this is mainly due to the amount of nicotine used in those devices.

Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health, said that e-cigarettes are not any better than cigarettes. They are as dangerous as cigarettes.

Ban on e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes and vapes are banned in Japan, but this is not a worldwide law. There are still several places where it is legal to smoke e-cigarettes and to use vape devices. The legal status of the using to e-cigarettes and vapes are still pending in a lot of countries.

As e-cigarettes and vapes consist of nicotine, they are said to be harmful, and a drug worldwide but the usage of this drug and its availability is still not sure in many countries. FDA recently requested a ban on these e-cigarettes and vapes, but it was rejected.

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