Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Holiday

Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Holiday

Holidays give families a chance to relax, unwind, and bond without the pressures of work and school hanging over them. Whether that holiday is a day trip to a local attraction, a week-long camping getaway in a nearby National Park, or a month-long escape at some far-off, exotic destination, much of the planning that takes place is very much the same. So, wherever you are hoping to jet off to during the next long break, here are some tips to help you plan the perfect holiday.

Draw Up a Family Budget

Holidays can be extremely expensive, which is why you must plan out a family budget before you spend a single dime. Don’t forget to factor in the number of days you will be away, including those dedicated to travelling, as well as any potential expenses for the time away. This includes your costs for accommodation, meals, taxi fare or petrol costs, as well as allowance money for the younger members of the family. For fostered members of the family, check out the holiday allowance rates at, so you have a better idea of the funds available to you as a family as well as what they recommend as allowances for kids of various ages. 

Plan Activities for Long Travel Times

If you are planning a road trip to get to your destination, don’t forget to plan some fun activities for the journey. Games are a great way to keep kids occupied (and to avoid questions like “Are we there yet” being asked a thousand times an hour). This could be games that require no additional items to enjoy, such as I Spy, or trivia games that you could download onto your mobile device for just such an opportunity. The internet is a wonderful place, so check out articles on the best road trip games for some options and ideas to keep the kids entertained.

Choose Your Travel Times Wisely

Whether you are planning on traveling by land, sea, or air, planning to hit the road in the evening could help make the trip less stressful for the family as a whole. Many parents prefer to travel at night, as kids are more likely to fall asleep and be calmer in general during this time. When planning your trip, try and imitate their usual routine, so it is not as jarring for them. For example, consider a family dinner at a restaurant at your usual dinner time and then leave for your trip from the restaurant to mimic the dinner and bedtime routine you have at home. Apart from planning your time & schedule, you can also think of visiting different places of interest, be it a crafts emporium like Southeastern Salvage in Nashville TN, where all you holidaymakers and family travelers can think of viewing and buying home decor products, furniture, rugs, kitchen fittings, lighting, etc.

Holidays are a time for rest and relaxation, but without proper planning, families stand a chance of losing out on both. Planning ahead will ensure that your trip is as hassle-free as possible, that you don’t spend the entire trip worrying if you can afford it and can help turn an average getaway into a holiday to remember. So, do your research beforehand and have an established plan for your time away and your whole family will be sure to thank you.

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