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Top 5 Best Press Release Distribution Services Companies

Before going through deeper about the companies let us first discuss what a press release distribution service is. It is the process through which you promote/ distribute/ circulate your press releases to any news forum or journalist. The reason for the same is to cover the media distribution processes. To select the best press release distribution service you should focus on quality and not quantity. Make sure that they are easy to use and they should be able to scale with you and also check for the additional services and facilities they offer.

Now that we know what press release distribution service is and also the qualities you should look for in them before selecting one let’s also know about the companies that provide the best press release distribution services.

  1. eReleases

The company offers press release distribution and writing services having a huge database of 1.7 million media distribution channels. Many journalists subscribe to the newsletters, as it becomes easier to distribute the same to them on a regular basis. They make sure that their press release doesn’t end up in the spam folder. They have 700,000 journalists and also many locations for targeting and their writing services are available for $300. There is no free proofreading and no same-day distribution. They will distribute your press releases to more than 300 media platforms online, and also cater to arrange personalized publications.

  1. Cision PR Web

PR web is a press release distribution service that offers comprehensive analytics and reports of publications of your press release. They offer their reports by email and also add value to your business. It is the best one to choose for the business that is tightly controlled in budgets. If you have a small business, then you’ll be offered with excellent discounts at the final pricing. There is no regional targeting and no proofreading in basic plans. If you are looking for advanced real-time analytics reporting, then you can have that with the Cision PR Web. They also have the availability of multimedia attachments.

  1. is free of charge and publishes press releases very fast. Its release also appears on Google news right after they are published. It receives thousands of clicks every day and has been increasing drastically in the number of subscribers to their email newsletter. It is an interesting platform where you can easily co-operate with communication. Being one of the most popular releases, things become easier for

  1. Express Press release distribution

It is one of the most popular press release distributions services company in the world that covers a wide area of audiences. It is one of the most trusted online news platforms serving more than 10,000 organizations and PR distribution channels per month. It has thousands of clients around the world including 500 popular brands. It was started in the year 2004.

  1. Newswire

Newswire is a press release distribution services company that allows you to easily target your press release by state, region, or country. It starts at $149 per press release where your target can be based on any state, country, or industry. They provide you analytical reports in all plans which also include multimedia embedding. They have 2650 and more outlets available such as radio channels, TV channels, various social media networking sites, and other digital outlets. When you compare them with their competitors in terms of the number of outlets, then they have very few of them.

Here in this post we have shared the list of top 5 best press release distribution services companies across the world. Just do some research and choose the best suited service for you.

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