Top 5 Corona Affected cities in India

Top 5 Corona Affected Cities in India

We all know that Coronavirus has done massive destruction over the whole world. In India Corona cases had grown rapidly in the past few months. People even don’t have complete information about Coronavirus and they don’t take care of their and family health. And in some Cities of India corona cases had spread like a forest fire. Not only India but the whole world is facing the problem of this global pandemic. In the starting time when the spreading of the coronavirus was only started then our government took the tough decision of complete lockdown. This decision was very beneficial and the country lead to a good situation but people were facing financial issues. People always thought about how to earn money and what to do during lockdown. So lockdown removed and then after removing lockdown condition gone worst. Now many popular cities in India are badly affected by this virus even after there was a complete lockdown in India. So, in this article, I am going to share with you the top 5 Corona affected cities in India.

  1. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Ahmedabad a city located in Gujarat is one of the greatest contributors to coronavirus. Ahmedabad had contributed a total of 20,000 corona patients till today 27 June 2020  and it’s predicted that it’s going to increase rapidly in the coming few days.

  1. Thane (Maharashtra)

Thane is also in the worst condition due to this Covid-19, It had received more than 29,488+ corona cases till today 26 June 2020  date and more than 400 people have lost their life due to this pandemic. Thane is located in Maharashtra, we all know that Maharashtra has the most Corona cases in India. Well, I want to tell you that many cities have approx cases of patients but Thane is one of the most effective cities of Maharashtra.

  1. Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Chennai is located in Tamil Nadu. This city has reported a total number of 49,000+ Corona cases till now. Chennai has the highest number of Corona cases in Tamil Nadu and almost 70% of total Corona cases in Tamil Nadu are found in Chennai. South India is the entry point of Corona because the first case of Covid-19 was seen in Kerala.

  1. Delhi

The capital of India is also struggling a lot from the rising of Corona cases. According to a recent report total of 73,780+ corona cases which makes Delhi the 2nd  highest corona cases contributing city. Moreover, many patients have also been recovered in the city.

Delhi is a union territory and becomes the highest affected union territory of India. Delhi government takes many tough actions but they really failed to overcome to manage this pandemic.

  1. Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai contributes to an alarming rate of Corona cases in India. Till now It contributes a total of 70,800+ corona cases which is the highest than even some of the countries of the world. More than 3000 persons have already died from this deadly virus in Maharashtra. The spread of Covid-19 is very huge not only in Mumbai but in the whole State (Maharashtra).

Many news channels called Maharashtra as second Wu Hang.


In this article, I have shared with you the top 5 corona affected cities of India. Whether you are living in any City you would have definitely had a query about the top 5 corona affected cities so in that situation this article would have been very helpful for you. At last, I want to say that be careful and safe and protect yourself from Coronavirus.

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