Top Android App Development Tools

Top Android App Development Tools that Developers must be aware of

We are a part of the world that depends upon mobile apps only. Be it for entertainment, booking a cab, getting in touch with someone, etc, it is all about mobile apps now. As a result, business owners are also embracing it to drive their services to the next level.

Hence businesses need an innovative and creative idea that can help the business world and what can be a better way to than targeting the Android platform. If you don’t know then let us tell you, the Android platform has the highest number of users around the world. Even though the revenue is higher for iOS apps, Android apps have higher users.

But what you need to remember is that before android apps, you need to hire a mobile app development company that can take care of your requirements and work on them easily. The motive is to get the ideal apps for your business that can thrive and take them to new heights.

How do you develop an Android App? Easily, hire the team that but it is best to know about the tools and techniques that they used so that you understand the whole process of development. The major aspect of the apps is that developers depend upon Android Studio as the software to start the whole plan.

The tool includes a sophisticated IDE that is used to develop Android apps easily. What are the major tools that a developer includes in the Android app development? Let us give you a deeper insight into it.

#1 Platform Tools

There are so many different versions of the Android operating system. It was Pie, KitKat, and whatnot. We see a new addition to the long list every now and then that makes developers include all the new features to the existing apps. It can be easily done with the help of platform tools that allow the use of the apps that are already ruling the market. The tool helps the apps to support the new version and adapt its features to make it compatible with it.

#2 Android SDK Tools

The tool that is in the form of the software development kit (SDK) is used in Android development. This makes the whole process of app development easy and much streamlined for the developers to work upon. In addition to this, there are a number of elements that are added such as emulators, debuggers, and libraries that help with the development.

#3 Android Emulator

The emulator helps the developers to test the working of an application instantly for the needs of the device. It is a tool that is enabled on the laptop and once the coding is done, developers can test it easily on the laptop before extracting the package.

Apart from these, there are a number of other tools that are the major necessity of the development world. Here is a glimpse into the Android app development tools that are widely used.

#1 Android Libraries

Android has a large community that has made it easy for developers to solve the issues. Along with this, it is an open-source tool that makes it easy to work on small pieces of code. The best thing is that there are libraries that Android app developers use in the development process to add value to it. Some libraries are Retrofit, Glide, Material Design Library, etc.

#2 Databases

Usually, SQLite is used as the local database for the Android operating system that is stored in smartphones. However, developers can include third-party databases if it is essential in the form of libraries that add to the whole app. Some of the databases include greenDAO, OrmLite, Room, Realm, etc.

#3 Code Architecture

A small concept generates a big idea that can be a revolution in the mobile app development world. It laid the foundation of the app that has the ability to kick starts and grows in a drastic manner. It helps in adding the features that are required and maintain them. However, it is possible that the planned code is not implemented in the architecture for the app developers. This can be easily optimized with proper planning to avoid bad code.

#4 Gradle

The mobile app development depends upon building, designing, testing, and deploying to gain the best results. It helps in generating the XML files and Java as the part of the Gradle that includes module-level and top-level.

These are the major tools that developers depend upon. It gives the basic idea and pattern to the mobile app developers to ensure that the team can work easily. The motive of using the tool is to grow and thrive in the world of app development. It is a rescue for the mobile app developers that can then focus upon the part that can help them grow.

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