What is The Meaning of Love in a Relationship

What is The Meaning of Love in a Relationship?

Indulging in love can be one of life’s most intense and energizing sensations. But if you haven’t had the opportunity to feel it then you probably must be wondering, “what does love mean”. Aren’t you? 

Besides, when trying to figure out what love is, it is also important to remember that we all have slightly different ways of giving and receiving love. So if you’re wondering what is the meaning of love in a relationship, then here is everything you need to know. 

What is love?

Wondering what exactly love is? Be it friendship or relationship, love is a kind of glue that keeps the relationship between two persons or partners strong, solid, and healthy

But sometimes it can be difficult to understand love as everyone has their own perspectives. Simply put, love is an intense feeling and deep affection between partners in a relationship. 

Types of relationships 

Here are a few of the basic types of relationships you should know about : 

•Committed relationship- It is a type of relationship where two people stay together for a long time and with the intention to spend a lifetime together. 

•Casual relationship- It is a type of relationship where partners spend time together. Even though they are dating they don’t have the intention to make the relationship last into the future. Also, partners in these types of relationships have no expectations.

Some other types of relationships include:

•Infatuation where there is only passion

•Friendship where there is only intimacy

•Romantic love where there is both passion and intimacy

•Companionate love where there is both intimacy and commitment

What is the meaning of love in a relationship?

Many people assume they are in love, but in the end, they realize it is infatuation or one-sided love. Sometimes it also ends in disappointments and broken hearts. There is a big difference between being in love and being loved by someone. 

While some people may feel butterflies in love, some may feel just the opposite and consider themselves unlucky in love. 

So, if you’re confused about what actually love means when in a relationship or what is the meaning of love in a relationship, then here is what you need to know:

1.Love means you care unconditionally 

One of the greatest meanings of love in a relationship is that you care for that person. Being a caregiver is one of the most rewarding and important roles a person plays in a relationship. It not only has a positive impact on the person you’re in a relationship with but also on you. 

It opens doors to new experiences and strengthens the relationship. From feeling good, feeling valued, and feeling a sense of accomplishment to feeling loved and building stronger bonds, it makes both partners learn the proper way of staying in a relationship and making it long term. 

2.Not just attached, love means you’re connected

Another meaning of love in a relationship is to adjust and adapt to another person’s communication style. It shows that two people are in love and in a relationship. 

Love in a relationship doesn’t only mean he/she is attached to someone, rather it means laying your life down for your partner. 

From anger, sorrow, and joy to love, relationships involve arousing strong feelings. Simply put, it is a thousand emotions that partners experience. 

It feels like you’re connecting to a deeper soul level and the best thing is that it makes you feel secure. From shared interests to physical chemistry, everything in love means compatibility and connection along with an initial spark. 

3.Love means you feel safe and comfortable

Reaching a point of true security in a relationship may take some time. But when you are actually in love, you naturally overcome your worries and fears. 

Simply put, love in a relationship means a secure bond between two people. When you’re in a relationship that has pure intentions, you’ll feel: 

•Totally secure, comfortable and safe to take major emotional risks

•You’ll be more emotionally vulnerable. 

•You won’t be afraid to go head to head together. 

•You’ll invest more energy into your relationship and partner. 

•You’ll reconnect with yourself and feel free like never before. 

•There will be a strong sense of me, we and us.

4.Mutual respect

Another most important quality of love in a relationship is the respect that is mutually felt between partners. 

Just like being secure in a relationship feels good, having mutual respect in a relationship means that both partners are happy. This is a very simple concept giving you direct answers to the question “what is the meaning of love in a relationship”.

From treating your partner in a thoughtful way, viewing the opinions, respecting wishes and values of each other, consistent effort to treat each other respectfully, consulting with your partner to taking an active interest in your partner, remember mutual respect in a relationship is not only about neglecting negative sides, but it is also about the presence of positive behaviors. 

5.Growing and thriving together

Another meaning of love in a relationship is growing and thriving together i.e. never above, never below, always beside. 

As human beings, we are never the same. But when it comes to a relationship, having patience and accepting each other’s flaws is what keeps the relationship going. Simply put, it never stops both partners from growing with one another. 

Having a bad fight, testing each other’s patience and still coming home to love, is all about growing, thriving together and never giving up on each other. 

From having disagreements more often and then recovering quickly, trying new hobbies together, encouraging each other to share with each other and not being afraid to commit mistakes, means growing together in a relationship when in love. 

Signs of true love in a relationship 

Wondering if there is true love within your relationship or not? Here are some signs that will reassure you that the love you and your partner share is genuine: 

  • Be it any sacrifice it takes, your partner is always ready to make you happy and your relationship healthy. 
  • There is an only partnership and no room for selfishness. Be it anything you do or wherever you be, you always remember each other as united by mind, soul and heart. 
  • Despite each other’s differences, you never stop respecting your partner. From listening to each other’s opinions, and agreeing on things to attracting positivity, you care about nothing more than your partner and relationship. 
  • Whether small arguments or big fights, love between you never fades when you’re mad at your partner. 
  • Another true sign of love in a relationship is honesty. Remember, lying is never an option and it is the truth that keeps a relationship going through tough times. 
  • You forgive each other instead of planting hatred for each other. Instead, you move forward together with the intention of making the bond stronger and healthier. 
  • Long distance doesn’t stop you from loving each other and your relationships make you complete.

Some tips to make your relationship grow

It is difficult to accomplish growth in a relationship. It is the result of a lot of hard effort, dedication and patience. It’s not always enough to be happy together. 

A relationship can flourish if both partners learn to collaborate, care for one another and most importantly appreciate themselves.

However, in some cases, even though partners are in love, their relationship tends to fade and separation starts taking its place. 

This happens mainly because there is a lack of communication, understanding and care. So if your relationship is failing, but you want to make it a long term, then here are some best tips to make your love and relationship grow: 

  • Instead of hesitating to start, encourage each other to try new things. 
  • Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t meet new people. Instead, you should expand your network as it is important for personal growth. This as a result also helps in becoming a better partner. 
  • Learn from your past mistakes and stop repeating the same mistakes. Keep reminding yourself that you’re better than mistakes. 
  • In a relationship, it is not necessary to follow your partner’s ideas, but remember to be a good listener. Be open to each other’s perspectives and understand each other. 
  • Try new hobbies together. Instead of spending time alone, try out activities together such as hitting the gym together, travelling together and much more. This will not only help in strengthening the bond but will also help both of you deal with difficulties easily. 
  • Keep sharing ideas and opportunities with your partner. Don’t limit yourself in a relationship, instead, make some suggestions. 
  • Try new ways to show your love to your partner. Remember the goal is to create a stronger and more meaningful bond between you and your lover. 

Make sure you’re the best version of yourself

Everything in love and relationships doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that takes time and something you’ve to work at constantly. But when you’re actually in a relationship where there is true love, it feels like it was formed before you were born and doesn’t have an ending. So, when in a relationship always make sure you’ve pure intentions for your partner. 

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