Is My Partner Cheating

Is My Partner Cheating?: 5 Telltale Signs of an Affair

Twenty-five percent of all men and fourteen percent of all women cheat. Maybe it’s immorality; maybe it’s human nature — either way, infidelity is a sad truth of human interaction.

The nagging thought — what if my spouse is cheating on me? — can drive you crazy. What do you do if you think your spouse is cheating on you?

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will walk you through five signs of an affair so you know when to call your relationship off.

1. They’re Protective of Their Phone

While the internet has lead to many wonderful things, it’s also lead to the rise of oversharing. Smartphones have made it easier than ever for people to communicate secrets with their friends — and lovers — without having to sneak out and meet them.

A good tactic is to grab your partner’s phone, “accidentally” thinking it was yours. If your partner freaks out, there’s a good chance that they’re cheating.

2. Changes in Interest

Human beings are like pieces of technology in that they always leave their mark on other people they interact with. If you’ve noticed your spouse develop a new taste in movies, music, or literature — or pick up a hobby they were never interested in before, they make have picked it up from a lover.

People tend to mimic their lovers. If you’ve caught the whiff of mimesis, it may come with a hint of infidelity as well.

3. Decrease in Sex

One of the biggest signs of cheating is a decrease in sex in your relationship.

Of course, a decrease in sex can be caused by many things other than a cheating partner. Depression has been known to cause decreased libido. However, if you’ve noticed that your partner is dressing up nicer than usual but still doesn’t want more sex, something may be wrong.

4. A Suspicious Smell

One of the biggest tells of a cheating wife or cheating husband is smell. At the end of the day, humans are animals and can easily leave traces of their scent on other people.

You may be able to spot the smell of a cheater better than you think.

5. They’ve Put the Blame on You

If your partner is cheating, they most likely feel guilty. To relieve themselves of this guilt, they may convince themself that you’re cheating — that you’re the reason the relationship is falling apart. A partner getting mad at you for little things could be a sign of cheating.

If you find yourself asking the question — is my partner cheating? — one of the biggest tells might be if they’ve been accusing you of cheating.

If you’re wondering what to do about this, the website Dads Starting Over has published a great article, letting you know the answer to the eternal infidelity question, should I take her back?

Know the Signs of An Affair

One of the worst things about being cheated on — and there are many terrible things — is being the last one to know. Don’t let your partner pull the wool over your eyes; know the signs of an affair so you can keep control over your life. For more articles like this, check out our lifestyle section.

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