What makes GBKSOFT the Best Custom Mobile Development Company?

What makes GBKSOFT the Best Custom Mobile Development Company?

GBKSOFT, a part of Altamira Group is well-versed in custom mobile application development services. It Develops Android and iOS mobile applications in Flutter, Kotlin, Java, and Swift with high-quality UX/UI design. Some of the past Custom Mobile Development projects of GBKSOFT/Altamira from different categories are;

Resume Lift (Jobs) – A SaaS-based Web Application working as jobs classifieds.

Visual Roadmap Tool (Utility) – It is a project management web app! The intention is to help users collaborate on tasks, navigate projects, and visualize the workflow.

Courserooms (Study) – It acts as the database of the study materials with flashcards and quizzes.

Ticker Tocker (Trading) – An Android, iOS, and Web app offering features. It includes a community messenger, trading system, an educational portal, and live streaming social network.

Anywhere Fitness (Fitness) – The app is available on iOS, Android, and Web platforms. It can pull information from different fitness gadgets and bands. The application will display the heart rate using the live streaming mode to the trainer.

Sparkle (Social) – It is an iOS and Android native app helping people to chat with others within a set area from each other.

SoljetsData (Business) – It is a Web app to combine and organize data related to aircrafts ready for sale with a cost builder to get the estimates.

Likewise, there are many more custom mobile and web applications developed by the GBKSOFT. They can ease the tasks of their clients belonging to different categories!

What can you get?

They can help anyone build agile Android apps with many features to avoid all types of issues. Most importantly, their experts find out and resolve all the potential risks before submitting the app to the Apple store. Below are the Features of the Custom Mobile Development services for Business clients;

MVP – Use only essential features to prepare an MVP mobile app in less budget and time. After getting the approval, the app can be scaled or upgraded further!

Polished Application – A mobile app is developed in certain stages. It includes research, planning & writing of specifications, design, and coding. At last, rigorous manual & automated testing!

Out Staff Developers – Clients can hire a complete team or some dedicated mobile app developers. Outsourcing can help a business to scale the team, complete a project sooner, and improve the areas where the in-house team is lacking. Altamira also offers only middle and senior custom mobile app developers for others for hiring purposes.

Use of Templates in App – They can customize the readymade templates as per the business needs to form the desired app. They have many templates like Uber-like apps, On-demand apps, and Social networks.

Maintenance Plans – As per a mobile app, they offer three main maintenance plans, basic, optimal, and advanced. Their experts do the necessary free assessments. They can suggest a suitable maintenance plan to their customers per the needed amount of work, code legacy, and code quality.


The mobile apps offer a smoother user experience in all conditions. The company is certified by many renowned authorities like AWS, Microsoft, ISTQB, ISO, and PSM. Here are some more benefits of using the custom mobile app development services of Altamira;

1) All-time Involvement

A client can ask them for competitor analysis and marketing research. The focus is on team contribution, and their involvement dives deep into the industry and business. They share their experience with the client’s technology stack and industry. Clients can ask them for workshops for their consumers and employees.

2) No chances of Communication Gap

The workspaces and communication channels are as per the comfort of the clients. The experts of GBKSOFT perform regular syncups. They do it during specification refinement, demos, and workshops sessions. A client can get a response from the customer support experts within minutes to hardly 24 hours.

Their team can easily collaborate with the in-house professionals of the clients or other involved parties. They have a well-talented team of friendly and open-minded experts.

3) Complete Management of the Project

They offer necessary reports to their clients, like the timeline and comprehensive weekly budget. By the way, the experts have well training in handling budget, timeline, and delivery. They also ensure to meet the records to keep their clients in a loop. Their developers are capable of meeting hard deadlines as a part of risk management!

4) On-time Delivery

Every project is handover to the clients by maintaining all security standards. There are also options for project roadmap, detailed specifications, and regular code reviews. The APIs of all the 3rd party services are set up and developed with ease. It also supports publication to Google Market and Apply Store.

5) Onboarding Support

If a client asks, GBKSOFT can help onboard its in-house team. Once the project is delivered, they offer complete monitoring and maintenance to its users. The consultations and support on the project functions are available for the clients a few months after the release!

An Outlook on the offerings of GBKSOFT

The professionals of Altamira can offer reliable custom mobile apps. They are compatible with different devices and platforms like Wearables, Android, and iOS. Smart wearable gadgets come with various peculiarities for data transmission. If you are also looking for a custom mobile app for your business or organization of any type or size, contact Altamira.

They take your complete requirements and recommend the best services that suit your software development needs. It ensures the delivery of viable and competitive projects with the right balance of budget, deadline, and quality.

You do not need to concern much about the budget. The experts of GBKSOFT can offer the correct estimation depending on many factors like the project features. They will guide you in deciding better among Native or Hybrid options to work well, as per your need.

The mobile apps will be published on both Google and Apple stores by the experts of Altamira. They can post valuable screens, titles, and descriptions that help their target users understand better about the app.

Besides Google Play and App Store, they also offer other services. For example, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notification, and Google Cloud Messaging services.

Most of their custom mobile app development services are on scrum technology. So the app development process occurs in iterations. Every iteration or module has writing, specifications, wireframing, coding, design, and testing. So a client could get the first version of the app within the first few weeks of order.

The set of features in a custom mobile app can be enhanced or decreased in the future. The expertise of this software development company is in more than 12 areas. They provide maintenance and marketing services with app delivery.

Their developers have options of six languages, 5 IDEs, 5 Tools, and 3 Databases to prepare the apps! Most importantly, the information provided by the clients is under NDA and kept confidential among their staff.

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