When Nature is the Audience

Spain has seen disastrous moments during the Covid-19 outbreak, and now they are right back on track, opening up once again gradually-they are now in the post-lockdown phase!

To make the event a memorable one Spain’s famous Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House arranged a special music opera show on Monday 22nd June 2020, where the audience was 2292 plants! Yes, there were no human spectators or audience to attend the special opera show, but there was nature who noticed the entire artwork. (Reference:   NPR, CNN). There was no human audience, but the Opera House live-streamed the entire show, where people could be part of such a historical moment.

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Eugenio Ampudia was the director of the show as the Opera House stated that to make the event a really special one, they planned it in such a majestic way. The idea was to establish the connection between art, music, and nature which can glorify mankind and a perfect blend of it keeps the world running. The Opera House says that they collected all those plants from the nearby nursery. In addition to that, they will also give one plant to each of the health officers in Barcelona who helped in fighting back with the Corona pandemic.

The government has given the permissions to reopen all the theatres, opera houses, art libraries, and more as they are now residing in a safe zone. But at the same time, they have requested the citizens to maintain social distancing the same way as that of the pandemic state. The government also declares that they are overwhelmed with the heroic act by the health professionals at the healthcare centers and clinics in Barcelona, and in order to recognize their contribution, they arranged such a wonderful event.

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