Eiffel Tower Reopens, WHO Says Maintain Social Distance

Eiffel Tower Reopens, WHO Says Maintain Social Distance!!!

Europe had been recovering nicely from the COVID-19 pandemic state. There were very few cases of the disease in the past month, deaths were also almost negligible. It was all going fine, how they expected. But as soon as the places are reopening, activities are starting to take place once again, COVID-19 strikes back once again! In the past two days, only in Britain, there were 154 and 149 death cases respectively. Even the average daily infected cases have crossed thousand per day! It’s the danger alarm, and people should stay safe, stay at home, maintain social distancing- says WHO (World Health Organization).

The number of infected people has touched almost 9 million in the whole world, while 4 million deaths, as per WHO’s reports (Reference: WHO). As the activities are resuming once again, the world may experience more infected cases once again says WHO. The World Health Organization assumes that Europe can see the COVID-19 cases at an increasing rate as all the recreation hubs are getting opened one by one.

People around the world have been going through a very pathetic lockdown phase from the past few months, they are tired of it at this moment. They want to go out of their houses, meet their friends, and get involved with recreational activities. But this is the moment, we all should very carefully control ourselves from doing all such activities! We must maintain social distancing, and should not allow the deadly virus to strike back once again.

WHO regional director for Europe Dr. Hans Henri P Kluge says “There are eleven countries where the rate of infected cases has been increased severely in the past few weeks” (Reference: WHO).

Meanwhile, the pride of Paris, The Eiffel Tower has been reopened for public visits after a long wait for three months (Reference:  NPR News, Time.com ). Even the bars and pubs in Britain will also be going to get opened from 4th July. People have already started the countdown. But the government has strictly announced the social distancing rules to be maintained even at the bars and pubs. The police departments are ready to face the challenge and strictly handle the situations. The time will show how things are going to take place, till then let’s hope for the best!


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