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Which Pet Is Suitable For Your Family

Which Pet Is Suitable For Your Family?

Sooner or later, every child asks their parents to buy a puppy or kitten. Please, don’t rush to say no. You may want to look into the positive impact of animals in the home. Our article will help you choose a pet based on the capabilities of your family and the nature of your child.


A moderately sociable animal and moderately trainable. However, the training of cats requires special patience, as they do not understand the punishments.

In addition to the fact that cats are cute, they have a positive effect on human health: when you pet a cat, your pulse slows down and your blood pressure decreases. Even broken bones heal faster to the sound of purring.

A cat is suitable for your family if:

  • you like to spend time at the comfort of your home;
  • you are ready to spend a fairly large amount of money on an animal: good food, toilet filler, regular vaccinations and other treatment, toys, scratching posts.

The cat is not suitable for your family if:

  • you don’t have enough free time. Cats require quite a lot of attention: communication, petting, games;
  • you often leave with the whole family, and there is no one to leave the cat with. She will be bored, but also, if the toilet is not clean, the cat may find another place in your apartment.

Get a cat if you want your kid to:

  • become more patient and reserved — the cat’s obedience can not be achieved by force;
  • learn to be independent and attentive — the cat will set an example.


Probably everyone dreamed of a dog, at least in childhood. The devotion of these animals is celebrated in art, and a large number of activities with dogs — playing, learning tricks, just walking together — are very attractive for anyone who lacks communication and warmth.

The variety of breeds allows you to choose the animal that is most suitable for the character, financial capabilities, and availability of free time.

Dog owners are more active and are less prone to anxiety and depression.

A dog is suitable for your family if:

  • you like to walk a lot;
  • you live in a house or a spacious apartment. You can even have more than one dog, then they will require a little less attention from you.

The dog is not suitable for your family if:

  • no one stays home most of the day — loneliness is like torture for a dog;
  • you won’t be able to find a couple of hours (and for many breeds, more) daily for walking and playing;
  • the budget for keeping an animal is large. A dog, especially a large one, will cost even more than a cat.

Get a dog if you want your kid to:

  • become more disciplined and responsible — the dog will demand a walk at a certain time of the day very persistently;
  • move more — games, walks, training are necessary for the dog for several hours a day;
  • become more sociable — on the playground for walking dog owners often communicate with each other, and the dogs themselves find friends among the neighbors;
  • learn loyalty and friendship.

A cat or dog in civilized countries is no longer considered just a pet. Usually, these animals live for 10-20 years and during this time they become full-fledged family members.


Hamsters, gerbils (something between a rat and a hamster), rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas — today in pet stores there is a lot to choose from. There are also nurseries where you can buy various breeds of these animals of all colors from naked to curly.

The life span of small rodents is a couple of years. Guinea pigs, rabbits, and chinchillas in nature live longer, but living in a cage rarely survive the age of 5-7 years.

The most affectionate of them are rats. The favorite place of these quick—witted animals is the shoulder of the owner. Rats are very attached to their owners, especially with regular communication. The aggression of these rodents should not be afraid: almost any manipulation of the rat, brought up from childhood, patiently endure. You will rather be surprised at their tenderness.

Hamsters, gerbils, and mice are so fun to watch. Especially if you get several individuals at once (of the same sex, so that the number does not start to grow exponentially). The more inventory you put in the cage, the more interesting the rodent’s life and observation will be.

Guinea pigs have a particularly convenient trait for keeping: they do not tend to run away. Even if you put it in a low enclosure, it will not jump out and hide in the apartment. At the same time, the guinea pig is quite large and not too frisky, which makes it a good pet for small children.

Chinchillas have recently become quite popular for home maintenance. However, they require very large cells, and they are quite expensive. In addition, these animals are active at night, during the day they usually sleep and are not too happy to communicate.

Rodents are suitable for you if:

  • you don’t have enough time for a cat or a dog yet;
  • your finances or space are severely limited.

Rodents are not suitable for you if:

  • you don’t want to clean the cage a couple of times a week — the stench from rodents is quite strong with insufficient care.

Get rodents if you want your kid to:

  • learn responsibility and accuracy;
  • get a fluffy warm friend and stop dreaming about a dog or a cat for a while.


In addition to the classic budgerigars, lovebirds, corellas, as well as large parrots – Jacko, cockatoo, macaw — are widely kept at home. The latter is distinguished by the greatest intelligence and ingenuity.

Birds are suitable for your family if:

  • you want an independent pet – parrots themselves monitor their cleanliness and practically do not smell, and the cleaning of the cage should not be carried out too often;
  • you are ready to train a parrot — the more attention you pay to the bird, the smarter it will be.

Birds are not suitable for your family if:

  • you can’t stand noise — a parrot can scream quite shrilly all day, and at five in the morning; It might be a problem if someone in your family works from home or is a student. For me, as a student, it was impossible to focus on College assignments in noisy places, that’s why I contacted professional writers who could do my essay for me.
  • there are babies in the house — parrots can bite quite painfully.

Get a bird if you want your kid to:

  • become more attentive and observant;
  • find a companion in the person of someone other than you — you can teach any parrot to speak.


In the aquarium, you can plant fish, snails, newts, frogs, turtles, shrimps. And they are all quite bright, but most importantly, silent. 

With a good combination of circumstances (temperature, water composition, lighting), it will be enough to change the water and clean the aquarium only 2-3 times a month. Besides, the aquarium is a beautiful element of the interior.

There are several fish that are not too demanding to keep: guppies, danios, gourami, several types of simple catfish. It is also worth paying attention to shrimps: the simplest cherry shrimps are quite unpretentious.

The aquarium is suitable for your family if:

  • you have very little time, and you want to have a pet in the house;
  • you have to leave home for a long time. After a long vacation, the aquarium, will surely have to be cleaned especially carefully, but the inhabitants will not miss you;
  • someone in the family is allergic to wool, down, and feather.

The aquarium is not suitable for your family if:

  • you want to get some kind of feedback from your pet. The fish will remember the feeding ritual, but they will not get attached to you personally.

Get an aquarium if you want your kid to:

  • get interested in nature;
  • become more observant.

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