Why Is Seobility Tool The Best Choice For Every Level Of Marketer?

When it comes to the marketer’s task, you will notice one fact that his work is not just limited to applying the best campaign and make changes in the website but also analyze every factor related to the campaign. No matter which level you are serving as a manager, you have to do all these works, and for that, you will need a good SEO tool.

Out of all the available tools, if we see the best one, then there are many confusions in the mind of marketers. They come over plenty of tools, but there is a shortcoming in every tool they encounter. Now looking for the one with the least of shortcomings, many marketers land the option of seobility. It is a premium SEO tool that helps out in covering almost all the aspects of a person that are related to the SEO and advertisements campaigns.

Let us study in detail the reasons that have made the seobility tool the best choice for all the marketers around. 

Provide An In-Detail On Website Audit 

When you enter the website of seobilitythen the very first folder or the tab that will come across you is the website’s auditing option. Seeking this option will help you in getting a detailed overview of your website. All you need to do is enter the link of your website and start checking your website’s detailing. Some of the points they will check are:-

  • What is your website’s speed, and is it working properly on the laptop and personal computers.
  • They will also perform the test on the mobile speed on the website as most people now come to the website from the mobile platform.
  • After that, they will give you a report regarding the website’s crawlability score, which means that is the website you have build comes in the range of crawler or not and how much priority that crawler is giving to your website.
  • The customers’ activity report is also provided, which stated which content is best according to the audience’s actions and which they do not much like one. The place where most of the jump-offs occur must be changed, and a better content needs to be posted there. 

These all are the little part of the report that is generated by the seobility. They provide you this report weekly or monthly according to your demand.

 Keeps track of All Your Rankings

Several rankings are provided to a website, in particular by Google. The very first is the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. It means that on which number your website is standing right now. After that, they will tell the rank to you according to the keyword that you are using. If we study this ranking in detail, then it directly states that for the particular keyword where your page stands, if someone searches by the same words. By knowing all the rankings, you can set your website’s goals and lay strategies to achieve them. They will also help you fit their goals and track that has you achieved them or not.

Check The Backlinks Continuously And Give You Daily Reports

There is a formation of backlinks done by the owners of the website on another website with the whole purpose of getting some extra traffic. There are plenty of facts that a person needs to check out before forming them, like the viewers of the page, the performance of backlinks on that page, and at last, see whether the page’s authority is high or low. They will provide you all these reports before making the links, and after the formation of the links, you can put the details of all of them in the seobility. 

They will provide real-time tracking of all the links that are formed by you and gives their status. If they are performing well, then they will suggest you keep them, but in case they are not performing well, then they will always suggest to you the fact that you must remove this backlink as it is affecting the score of the website.

Tracks That Are All The Keywords Working Efficiently Or Not 

This tool’s work is to provide you the keywords also. All you need to do is a name that is the type of keyword that you want and sees how they will provide all of them in detail. Along with that, they will provide the detailing that what is the performance of these keywords on other pages. When you place them on your website, then the tracking of the seobility will start; they will give you real time data on how much people have searched for that keyword.

They will detail the unnecessary keywords in advance and help you set them properly on your website to increase their website.

Compare You With Other Websites 

Making comparisons in the business is very important, no matter it is online or offline. Moreover, nowadays, the competition that is faced by online websites is much more. That is why a website needs to keep an eye on every competitor’s activity. This tool will help you compare the website that you are operating and one of your competitors. Seobility will tell that where you lack in the game of SEO and where you are doing well.

Improvement can be made based on the report of competitor analysis but the owners of the website. It is one of the best ways to leave your competitor beside you, but you need to learn how to read out the statistics of the report and apply changes according to that.


Finally, seobility is an affordable tool that has also become one of the deciding factors in buying this tool by marketers. Every new marketer who has just entered the field will try not to invest too much that makes this tool a better fit. Moreover, the services they provide are so premium that no one can deny buying the tool’s premium package.

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