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Why Your Wardrobe Demands A Pair Of Slide Shoes

Slide shoes have always been considered as a secondary option when it comes to footwear. A lot of us think that rather than investing in a pair of shoes that are as expensive as any other shoe out there, why not go with a pair of loafers or sandals that one can wear comfortably with almost all their clothes and at any time. Slides had, in fact, quite ironically slid away until a couple of years back when the trumpet came into fashion.

Although various celebrities and influences are promoting the slide trend, not many people are accepting of it, and why not. If you see something that’s equally or a little less expensive than say a branded shoe or something in the same lines, why not just go for those and not slides. But wait, if you too carry this perception and think that slides can be tedious investments that are only going to be used during your late-night walks and casual time, here is something to change your mind. Here is a reason why your wardrobe demands a pair of slides shoes.

  • Comfort

There is no denying the comfort a pair of slides can bring to your feet. Soft as a feather, light and open, slide shoes allow your feet to trumpet breath. If you are sick and tired of those tough boots and pinching heels, take a break, pull out your favorite slides from your wardrobe, and put it on. You will feel like you are walking on clouds when compared to other shoes. In a nutshell, your feet demand some much-needed break every once in a while and there is no better way to enjoy that than a pair of slides. It’s quite common to compare slides and slippers because of their convenience. A pair of bootie slippers can be a great alternative, especially when you like to stay at home and be as comfortable as you can.

  • Comfort with fashion

We spoke about comfort but that doesn’t mean that slide shoes lack in fashion. If you know how to pair them, they can be as fashionable as any shoe can get. You can rock them with some shorts and a t-shirt on your summer vacation. Or, wear it with a dress to your lectures. There are many ways you can experiment with slides and make them your daily drives. You don’t even need something exceptional just mix and match whatever clothing option you have and there you go!

  • Ease of maintenance

There are only a handful of shoes and sandals that require little to no maintenance. Whether it’s sneakers that require tough cleaning now and then or boots that demand a special treat every once in a while. Slide shoes are one of the best when it comes to ease of maintenance. You can do a simple soap wash or just soak it in water and leave it to dry for some time. So, that’s one thing off your mind. No cleaning and maintenance tension.

  • Variety

If you think there is just one kind of slide that you can buy, you are wrong. Just like any other shoes that come with varied options, slides also have an option that ranges from simple flats to high heeled and even something in the shape of a wedge. So, it is not necessary that you only have to buy the flat slides and live with it. You can go for the high heel ones and match them up with your dresses. No more do you need a reason to force your feet into wearing heels. Wear a pair of slide shoes and enjoy the same amount of lift as heels, without compromising on the comfort.

Slides are the best casual option you can go for in 2020 in terms of footwear. From beaches to the streets, they dwell in any and every sort of environment. If you are on a vacation far from your home or on an adventure next door, always pack a pair of slides because you never know when you are going to use them.

It is also important to note that the slides are not what we say, durable. They are tough but not as much as a pair of sneakers or boots. They are much nimble so, if you are expecting to run with them, there are chances they would break after a couple of hits. These kinds of drawbacks come with every kind of footwear. You just have to adjust to it. So, do you agree that the sides are a must? What is your take? Would you go for a pair of comfy and elegant slides or funky sneakers when given the opportunity? Let us know down below!

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