10 Great Family Activities to Do During Coronavirus

10 Great Family Activities to Do During Coronavirus

Many people who are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic are looking for ways to keep themselves busy. What is more challenging is finding things to keep your kids busy at home. Looking at these activities and doing it with your kids is necessary especially for parents who are working at home. Kids will need to find a way to keep themselves from disturbing their parents during working hours.

You can start the activities with kids, and later on guide them on how to do it themselves. This way, you could find time for yourself to work and not be distracted by your sometimes pesky but always adorable kids. 

Here are 10 great family activities to do during coronavirus:

  1. Build a cardboard fort. Making a fort for your kids out of cardboard is a great idea for them to spend time at home with very little supervision. In addition to that, the more durable fort you create, the longer the kids will be able to enjoy it. Have them participate in your brainstorming and ask them to help you build it.
  2. Bake together. Make sure to include baking ingredients and materials on your next run to the supermarket. You can check baking recipes online. Make your kids comfortable in baking and using your kitchen tools, and reward them for a job well done by cooking delicious treats for them. 
  3. Train your dog. This could be a good bonding moment for your kids and your pets. Teach your kids how to give simple commands to your furry friend like to sit, stay, or come here. Depending on your kid and pet’s progress, you can move on to more complex commands or tricks.
  4. Film Tiktoks. You can teach your kids dance steps by following the most popular wholesome trendy dance steps from the app. Make sure to capture those fun, candid moments! Take videos with a good background of your house decor and modern industrial wall signs

  • Get the kids on digital quarantine. Teach them discipline by including this in your house rules. Designate a specific time in the day, or allow them to only use their gadgets once they have accomplished something at home like finishing their homework. 
  • Designate a space in your house for learning. In the new normal, online learning for kids is implemented by their school. Make sure that you assign a specific room, or area in your house where they can study, or meet with their teachers online without being disturbed. 
  • Play charades. The classic game that everybody loves. This teaches your kids to be more familiar with your cues, and make them understand you better even without the use of words. In the long run, the kids can establish a good connection with how you are expressing yourself to them.
  • Practice instruments. This is good for parents who are musicians by heart. Identify the instruments that your kids might be comfortable in playing. Once they are hooked to the idea of learning the instrument, assign an hour-long task for them to practice.
  • Make a vision board. Making your kids think of what they want to do, even if it is just a short term goal, will train your kids to plan ahead and set a goal that they can achieve when they grow old. To make it more fun and creative, you can print out images online or illustrations that can help your kids visualize their goals. 

Practice spelling. Print out flashcards or images of the words that you want them to spell. Reward them every time they get it right. Make them write it on a cardboard or have them type the words from your computer keyboard.

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