3 Things to Consider Before Getting Started with Blogging

Blogging is becoming an online passion for many and more people realise the business potential behind it.

With a blog, anyone can find ways to start earning money online and it gives someone the opportunity to express themselves and their mission on the World Wide Web reaching millions.

However, you must understand a few things which are absolutely necessary to keep in mind before beginning to blog.

The following best blogging tips for beginners should be considered before starting:

Find the Best Niche for the Blog

Picking a niche has a very significant role to play while creating and writing a blog. A niche is a topic area on which a blogger will create content for their target audience. So, in order to know who they are writing for, they must identify them.

The key is to not just cover topics like beauty, travel, culture, news, programming, gardening, and so on in general as there’s plenty of content out there already. The blogger should instead identify a niche or topic that hasn’t been covered much yet.

It could be a subtopic like vegan recipes which is part of the very popular and widely covered food niche. The blogger should then check whether it is a profitable blog niche that can eventually generate an income.

With most blogs, this is possible, if the blogger provides opportunities for advertisements, product or service placements, affiliate marketing, and many other money-generating blog features which you can also learn more about in the “Walletproof Guide to earning a living on the internet” written by Manuela Willbold and Fernando Raymond from ClickDo Ltd.

Ideally, any blogger should follow their passion and choose a niche based on that as this will be reflected in their writing and content. Following on, they can research what people want to know about their topic by checking forums like Quora or simply popular Google searches for their keywords.

Improve Writing and Marketing Skills   

While being a good writer is a great starting point, developing good blogging and marketing skills is key to turn a blog into a money machine. Because successful blogging consists of more than just writing articles – a blogger needs to learn about SEO, email marketing, content marketing, ads copy, guest blogging just to mention a few aspects.

Sure, people use paid advertising techniques to drive more traffic to their pages. But what any blogger should go after is organic traffic generation as this brings more readers to their website for free.

Research suggests that roughly 70 to 80 percent of bloggers don’t use paid search services at all. Instead, they use on-page SEO tactics to drive traffic to their website. SEO content writing is one of the best ways to generate organic traffic and genuine leads. This includes:

  • Optimizing a blog for search engines using keywords, meta-data, and multimedia content (such as videos, images, infographics, charts, and etc.).
  • Writing a detailed or list blog post on the given topic.
  • Answering as many questions of the audience as possible through the content covering the most searched for keywords.
  • Providing the blog audience with engaging solutions to their problems.
  • Keeping visitors engaged by structuring content effectively.

It is worth to note that SEO friendly web content focuses on visitors rather than search engines. So, every blogger should develop their own unique voice, using multiple media to bring it across apart from written texts.

Widen Exposure Through Networking

Every blogger should aim to establish their name and widen their social circle within their niche. Networking with other bloggers in similar niches helps them reach a wider audience. Building good connections with other bloggers in the community can be a win-win situation as they can help each other through guest posts, social shares, and so on.

Social media platforms like Facebook are ideal for this as a blogger can join relevant groups and pages or create their own and invite others to join. A blogger can also boost their posts on FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn through paid ads which can start from as little as £1 a day. You can learn more about this at SeekaHost University when taking the Facebook Remarketing Course.

Guest blogging is another important avenue to consider because having a blog post featured on another high-authority blog within their niche can trigger many new readers to find the blog and follow the blogger. You can read more about how to compose a successful guest post on Manuela Willbold’s blog and ClickDo Ltd. offers guest posting services to help all bloggers with their blogger outreach.

Become the Next Star Blogger

The above outline will help any new blogger get on the right track and build a blog that grows and eventually creates an online or passive income. It could even lead to a blogger becoming an influencer, which nowadays has celebrity status.

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