5 Blog Niche Idea for New Bloggers

5 Blog Niche Idea for New Bloggers

Blogging is something that fascinates everyone but many of us struggle to find the perfect niche, here are some suggestions to help you out-

  1. Relationship Niche:

Blogs and articles providing deeper insights, values, real-life stories, and experiences about relationships have a good scope, especially during this quarantine phase.

It is a big opportunity for couples to spend some quality time together while exploring their hobbies. Also, those who are forced to maintain a long-distance relationship will face a lot of problems and are desperately looking for some expert advice.

A blog offering-

  • Different types of relationship advice,
  • Dating tips,
  • Solutions to real-life problems,
  • Tips for a healthy relationship,
  • How to spend some quality time with your loved ones?

OR any other such topic can be a big hit. Even you can cover parent-child relations or relationships with in-laws to add a new flavour to your blog.

  1. Travel Niche:

The outbreak of Covid-19 and complete lockdowns had made situations worse for the ones who live to travel.

Plans for foreign trips, bike rides, adventure sports, camping, trekking everything has been abandoned by many. So this would be a great time to share some travel experiences, through photos, videos, and interesting travel stories.

For starting a blog on travel niche you have to do proper research on popular locations, unnoticed and underrated traveling destinations.

You can create a virtual traveling experience for the readers of your blog with quality content and HD pictures or videos. If you are able to satisfy the reader completely, then it will be a breakthrough for the blog.

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you can easily create the magic of words to give a live experience to your readers. One can easily get recognition through this niche because traveling is a common hobby.

  1. Education and Career Niche:

One unique and most important thing about writing in this niche is, the demand for this niche never scales down.

The current education system will need a bunch of reformations and the job opportunities of the youth are currently at stake. Usually, students and pass outs are clueless about – What next?

Posting quality articles on different career opportunities, providing solutions to common questions, and answering the queries of students can make your blog a big hit.

You can check my cover letter writing a blog for more information.

Analyzing and posting articles on the favourable industries after quarantine, job opportunities, and other advice are also appreciated by the youth.

Students and young graduates often hesitate to invest their time in research, hence they look for such a platform where they get all the relevant information at one click, and if you provide the same; then no one can stop you from getting success.

  1. Health Niche:

Health has been the topmost concern of the whole world for the past half a year and this is definitely a niche that should be considered for starting a new blog.

Literally, everyone is eager to know about the latest updates and possible outcomes of this pandemic in near and in the extended future. So regularly posting articles on-

  • What precautionary measures to be taken,
  • How to stay safe indoors,
  • How to stay safe against other health-related issues,
  • Immunity enhancing measures.

OR, any other health-related topic can get you quick success.

Even you can publish articles on sexual and mental health as many of us are eager to know about such subjects but often hesitate to ask someone.

  1. Entertainment Niche:

In this phase of complete lockdown, people don’t have access to malls, tourist attractions, cinema halls, etc.

For entertainment purposes, most people rely on movie/ web series, gaming, music, podcasts, e-books, etc. And some of them are not too familiar with this branch of entertainment, so they are in search of proper recommendations on the internet.

A blog with quality articles on providing recommendations on all these entertainment tags under different genres will be of great use to the readers.

Moreover, it ensures reader retention and attracts more readers if the posts are made regularly, covering all major genres.

Even you can create a quiz based on famous movies, TV shows or any celebrity to check the knowledge of fans about a particular topic.

So choose your favourite niche and start writing something from your heart to connect with other’s hearts!

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