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5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Yellowstone Trip

Yellowstone National Park is one of the premier destinations in the world. The natural wonders and sheer size of the place are legendary. People come from far and wide to experience all it offers.

While many of Yellowstone’s famous attractions are well worth seeing, you can also explore other unique activities nearby. With so many fun things to do near Yellowstone, you can certainly find something that tickles your fancy.

1. Whitewater Rafting

Old Faithful isn’t the only whitewater in town; Yellowstone has many rivers with countless rapids for the adventurous traveler to experience. Local river guides offer trips that range from a couple of hours to multiple days. You’re sure to have an adventure to remember, no matter what you choose.

2. Horseback Riding

Experience the great outdoors through one of the earliest modes of travel. Horseback riding is a fun way to explore the terrain, take in the views, and cover a lot of ground.

Local horseback riding outfitters provide incredible tours throughout the park. Even if you haven’t ridden before, you can enjoy a day of guided horseback riding in Yellowstone.

3. Ziplining

Once you’ve slowed down to savor the scenery, the next step is zipping through it. Ziplining is a popular activity that adds some thrill to your visit. Choose a zipline course that suits your comfort level.

4. Viewing Western Art

After you view the natural wonders of Yellowstone, you can look at various artists’ interpretations of the park. The towns surrounding Yellowstone host art galleries that feature Western art.

A visit to one of these galleries is a beautiful way to see how the natural surroundings have contributed to artistic expression over the years. You might even find something to take home for your collection.

5. Tasting Local Food and Drink

The region offers various ways to take in the local flavor. Between Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, you can find local eateries and breweries serving a range of options. Enjoy a local brew or some of the best cuisine in the West.

Plan Your Trip Today

With so many things to do near Yellowstone National Park, you can plan a trip that includes all the activities you’ve always wanted to try. From viewing iconic sights like geysers and grizzlies to running rivers and riding horses, there’s something for everyone in and around this must-see treasure.

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