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Learn How to Use Your Business Account During Covid-19 After You Followers On Instagram

The pandemic may have unsettled everything, but your business cannot stop. The economic wheel needs to move regardless of all the tensions. Your presence matters for your customers, and social media is one of the best ways to stay connected. In these times of social distancing, people are using these platforms more than ever. When you discuss social channels, the instant focus goes to Instagram for its massive engagement and conversion potential. Since it is a different situation altogether, as a brand, you will have to rethink your posts. You cannot publish content to push your sales. It can be outrageously insensitive.

If you have noticed, most of the companies have adopted one tone, “we are there for you” and “well done.” You could also be following their footsteps. No matter what it is, there is still time to do things differently and register in the minds of your Instagram followers. In case you don’t have many followers, you can consider buying them through agencies. It can be beneficial to your business, especially during this time. Now, you can see how to use this platform.

 Followers on Instagram and remodel your strategies

Since a limited base of followers can stop you from going all out and do things that can pitch you forward, it is better to increase your follower count for some motivation and keep both existing and new customers engaged through these small steps.

  • Keep your target audience informed

You have to reinforce your presence amidst your customers and make them believe that you are there for them but differently. You can use stories and posts to give a glimpse of what is happening on the business front, and what you are trying to do for your customers. It would be best if you used this to bond with your new followers as well, so they keep returning for more updates.

  • Prioritizing safety and boosting the trust factor

Many brands on Instagram are writing informative posts on steps they are taking to ensure a safe shopping experience for their customers. You can also make an effort in this direction by posting about social distancing norms and measures that everyone needs to adhere to during Covid-19 for their health. But if you want to up your game, consider adding visuals and witty captions pivoted on this theme. Some cafes and coffee shops have already started applying this idea.

  • Advertise smartly

During a crisis, advertising products or services may not make much sense to you. But like others, you can still use it but subtly. It should not come out as hard sell, though. Just make sure your offers deliver value in alignment with the new needs. Some retailers have adopted this technique on Instagram and are doing reasonably well. For example, the tourism industry of a country is giving people a virtual tour of the fantastic weather they have to attract them.

If you think it is not worth it because you don’t have a tremendous following, reconsider your decision. As mentioned, followers on Instagram through credible agencies, and not miss the bus of opportunities lying in front of you.

  • Be a value addition

Right now, you cannot emphasize conversions. You have to add value to your customers by being resourceful. And since you are ready to increase followers, you have to take care of this more than ever. Although it is impossible to achieve anything overnight, your presence on Instagram should feel favorable to your customers. You cannot drive sales, but you can push your branding efforts. Pick any popular service or product of your company and let people know about it through content, live questions & answers, etc. If you are a fitness or cosmetic brand, it can be easier to go live on Instagram with tutorials, sessions, and others.

  • Get some loyalty

Instagram can help you build brand loyalty quickly. You have to interact with your customers frequently, being honest and transparent about everything. You have to make them feel they are most important to you. Please stay away from putting up anything that can mislead or misguide them. A surprise and delight trick can come in handy in this area. Give your customers unexpected rewards, which can be a gift voucher or discount coupon, etc. You can organize a virtual game for your target audience and distribute these. When you do this, you make sure your customers enjoy their time while staying at home. Your newly earned customers can also find it exciting.

If you want your business or brand to maintain its position with people, then apply these Instagram strategies. Not doing anything right now may push you back when things return to normalcy, as others might get an edge by doing what was necessary. Just make sure that your activities don’t reflect “it’s business as usual” kind of attitude. At the same time, you cannot push for sales. All these will look insensitive, and ultimately, affect your brand’s reputation.

It can appear to be a huge responsibility in this situation as you have to be at your creative best and extra careful with everyone’s sentiments. But you can do well if you end up striking the right chord.

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