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How Not To Gain Weight During The School Year

How Not To Gain Weight During The School Year: Tips For Students

Today, I would like to address first of all the newly minted first-year students. Why to them? I explain. What do students usually worry about? That’s right, nothing, except for passing the exams on time. After all, this is college. The next years of life will be spent in the classroom, scientific library, university canteen, budget bar or pub, in the park closest to the place of study, where you can quietly drink beer. Many students can overeat because of all of the stress from multiple writing assignments. It is way better to contact professionals at EssaysWritingHelp to not overstress over writing tasks.

The path to the summer exam period is long and full of dangers — in more than nine months of the school year, you can change beyond recognition, and not only the brain can swell with knowledge. At the end of the academic year, you will be going to the beach, suddenly a glance at your reflection in the mirror can bury your dreams of a fashion show in a bikini at once.

1. Buy a bike

Probably, most will agree with me: a bicycle is almost an ideal vehicle, accessible, probably, to almost everyone. I love this method of transportation very much: here you will find the joy of changing the views that flash before your eyes, it is also very budget-friendly, and, most importantly, good for your health.

An hour of cycling at an average speed of 12-14 km / h burns about 700-800 kcal. This is an absolute record: for the same time spent walking at a moderate pace, you will get rid of only 150-200 kcal.

If you are not a fan of long bike rides and cross-country skiing, then you do not have to look in the direction of expensive highways or hardtails. Consider buying a second-hand bike, which will greatly save you money that you will be happy to spend during the summer holidays. The main condition: you must ride. The more often you pedal, the slimmer and stronger you become. By the way, many of my friends do not give up the bike until the onset of serious frosts. And some manage to ride in the winter.

2. Sign up for the sports

We are talking about a dozen different sports, in any of which you can easily enroll: athletics, boxing, tennis, hiking, equestrian sports, football, and even baseball — if you would like to keep yourself in shape. On top of physical health benefits, sports are guaranteed to lift your mood.

3. Eat more vegetables

Most university food outlets have a similar menu, dominated by all kinds of pastries. It is no secret that cheesecakes and pizza are not the most healthy food that many students are ready to eat all day.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, an American family dietitian, advises combining not the most useful, but still your favorite food with a lot of vegetables (vegetables can be found in the dining room of any university):

Make sure that most of the area of your plate is occupied by vegetables and whole grains. They will satisfy your hunger just as well as high-calorie pastry and cakes. Of course, there is no need to completely abandon your favorite snacks, just try to get enough healthier food first.

4. Set achievable sports goals

It seems that everything can affect your relationship with sports: your academic performance, communication with friends, and even the severity of a hangover after a fun get-together on Saturday night. Nevertheless, doing any sport is much more useful than not doing it at all — everyone knows this. Even the 15-20 minutes a day you spend on a walk will count towards the future.

Give yourself a mindset to practice at least a little bit every day. Gradually you will get used to the need to train — this point is fundamental.

In addition to this, Kevin Dineen, one of the most sought-after personal fitness trainers in New York, advises switching to split workouts over time: spend 10 minutes on your legs one day, and your hands the other day. The trick is that with this type of load, your body will react to it is not so painful.

Just 15 minutes a day. Think about it, is it so much?

5. Apple — pass, pie — for a retake

Yes, pies and all sorts of pizza analogs best fit into the diet of any student: even if you do not have time to finish eating, you can always take it with you and “finish” later. The thing is: this kind of snack is rich in carbohydrates, it is better not to eat flour products regularly. In addition, they will keep you full only for a short time.

The ideal snack from the point of view of health will be apples. They contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, and iron. ArmiLegge, a popular American blogger, and triathlete advises:

In addition to apples, you can have a snack with a peanut butter sandwich. It contains a lot of healthy fats and plant protein.

6. Don’t get carried away with alcohol

There is no doubt that to miss a couple of shots at the bar or a can of beer under a pizza at bedtime is a ritual that everyone arranged more than once in their younger years.

By the way, alcohol itself is a very high-calorie thing, so it’s good to have an idea of how many calories are contained in four cans of beer that you “refueled” on the night.

7. Buy a scale

An interesting thing: if you don’t weigh yourself regularly, then the weight doesn’t seem to change. However, this is not the case. Weight is gained always imperceptibly. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your body weight.

Make it a rule to weigh yourself once a week before breakfast, this will help you keep in shape. As you can see, nothing supernatural: move more, try to eat healthy food, and do not get carried away with drinking. A set of these simple measures will help you not to gain extra pounds for the summer season.

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