AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certificate

Skill Areas to Perfect If You Wish to Gain Amazon AWSCertbolt Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification


In one way or another, every candidate faces challenges when taking his/her exam. But when there is desire, devotion, and intense work during preparation, the challenges will be fewer and more manageable. In this post, we discuss the skill areas for the AWSCertbolt Certified Solutions Architect Professional certificate that candidates must devote themselves to. Mastering them requires dedication and intense work but once you do this, nailing the affiliated test SAP-C01 by code will be a piece of cake.

Skill Areas for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certificate

As detailed above, this certification regards passing the AWS SAP-C01 test and substantiates that the owner’s capacity in these dimensions is valid:

  • Formulation and positioning of applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with attributes like fault tolerance, reliability, high availability, and scalability;
  • Picking out the right services of AWS for the formulation and positioning of applications while considering recommended requirements;
  • Ensuring cost-control techniques are implemented;
  • Migration of applications upon AWS that are of complex nature and multi-layered.

Coming up with these skills calls for a meticulous review of the subject matters attached to the AWSCertboltCertified Solutions Architect Professional certification. In the official guide, there are listed topics that are worthy of a brief discussion. For further review of the exam tested domains, get yourself a training course, one or several study guides, and practice materials. For more visit

Topics for Certification

When it comes to the areas that SAP-C01 will assess you on, they are:

  • Designing that targets organizational complexity

This section captures cost-account verification and strategies for accessing complex organizations, designing networks, and designing multiple account environments for AWS.

  • Migration planning

Some matters that the AWSCertbolt Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification addresses within the domain include selecting current workloads in addition to processes for possible migration onto the AWS cloud, and migration tools alongside services. Other subjects concern deciding on a new architecture for the cloud targeting existing solutions and determining a strategy to deploy current workloads from an on-premise location into the cloud.

  • Designing for new AWS solutions

The fields to look at include security requirements, strategy for designing and executing solutions, and solution design that promises reliability, business continuity, and meeting performance objectives. Also, skills will be picked by learning about the right technique for deployment that captures business requirements during the development and execution of a solution.

  • Cost control

Such a topic deliberates on selecting a pricing model that is cost-effective, controls that ensure optimization of cost, and opportunities for cost reduction with the current solution.

  • Continuously improving to accommodate existing solutions

This is where the AWSCertbolt Certified Solutions Architect Professional certificate candidates explore troubleshooting of solution frameworks, strategies for improving existing solutions, and those for enhancing their performance, reliability, and security. There are also the particulars about how the deployment of a present solution can be improved. For more visit


Exam preparation has often proved to be a challenge for a greater number of candidates. But when there is genuine and devoted learning of key skills, the whole process turns out to be more productive. This implies better preparation and acquisition of the right skills for job execution. This is also applicable to the AWSCertbolt Certified Solutions Architect Professional certificate. For far-ranging experience and success during testing and work-affiliated duties, keep pace with the named capacities. Perfect them if your resolve is capturing this prestigious certification!

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