How To Choose Your Proposal Rings Design

How To Choose Your Proposal Rings Design

If you’re planning to propose to your fiance, you need to have the perfect proposal ring. Below are some tips on how to choose your proposal rings design.

Know your fiance’s ring size

You need to make sure that the proposal ring will fit your fiance’s finger. If it’s too small then obviously she won’t be able to wear it. If it’s too big, then it may slip and she might lose it. Of course, you’re trying to be discreet. You can’t simply ask your girlfriend what her ring size is. But there are tricks that you can implement to get the job done. You can borrow one of her rings, for example. You just need to think of a good excuse why. Or you can ask one of her friends to get her ring size for you. You can choose whatever method you think will work. But it’s a must that you get the ring size correct.

Choose a metal

Choosing the kind of metal to use is quite easy. You just need to know your fiance’s favorite. If you still don’t know by now what your fiance’s favorite jewelry metal is, then you can check her jewelry box. Or you can probably ask her directly. Just don’t be too excited when you do it. If you’re in a bind, then you can just choose yellow gold. Gold is always a safe choice. Other safe bets include platinum, white gold, and silver. In recent years, white gold has eclipsed yellow gold when it comes to popularity. Being updated with the trends in jewelry can also be helpful in making jewelry metal choices.

Know your diamonds

If you’re not familiar with diamonds then this is the best time to know more about the popular stone. Of course, diamonds are not your only options as far as engagement rings are concerned. But tradition does dictate the use of diamonds and it is always a safe choice. No discussion of diamonds will be complete without talking about the four Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat. The four Cs define the characteristics of a particular diamond. Cut refers to the shape of the stone. Clarity refers to the visible flaws or blemishes of the stone. Color refers to whether the diamond is clear or has a tinge of yellow or brown. And carat is the weight and density of the diamond.

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Have a budget

It’s important to have a budget. Without a budget, it will be easy for you to overspend. While having a nice engagement ring is nice, you shouldn’t spend more on it than you can comfortably afford. You shouldn’t go into debt just to buy a nice engagement ring. A good jewelry shop will be able to suggest an engagement ring for you based on your budget. Do not hesitate to ask your friendly jeweler for some advice. The shop may even have a financing scheme that will allow you to get the engagement ring of your dreams without burden.

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