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How to Find Guest Bloggers from Scratch

Looking for guest bloggers is a must-do for every website owner. But many face a misunderstanding of how to find guest bloggers. While almost everyone knows about the benefits of such a strategy, not all business owners know where to start and where to move to promote your website with the help of the backlinks generated by guest posts. 

Using guest blogs is also a great way to get live traffic and increase sales. High-quality content is always relevant and demanded, so finding partner sites is a very real task. Below you will discover how to find guest blogging sites yourself.

Why is Guest Blogging So Popular Today?

If you still don’t know if you need it, here are some reasons. This is a good opportunity to get organic traffic and a target audience. In this strategy, both sides are winning. The guest blogging sites receive quality content for free, and the author gets traffic to his site and potential customers.

The higher your partner’s website SEO ranking is, the better it will be for you. Guest blogging sites are a legal way to increase traffic. But there are certain nuances that are vital to consider. For example, if the partner’s site is of poor quality, then this can harm your site too. Below you will find a detailed algorithm for how to find sites.

Preparing Your Site for Guest Blogging

Before you will find guest bloggers, you have to prepare your site. Below you will find tips to improve your website and make your potential guest blogging partners more willing to work with you. 

Refresh Your Design and Content

If your site does not comply with the canons of the industry, it will be very difficult to negotiate partnerships with other sites. Few people want to advertise a website with poor content and design on their platforms.

Before the partner’s site decides on cooperation, they will analyze: 

  • the quality of the content;
  • its usefulness;
  • publication frequency and so on.

If your content isn’t of the best quality, then it’s time to fix it. Firstly, it will make your site more valuable for your target audience and search engines. Secondly, it will guarantee that they will agree to cooperate with you for guest blogging.

Create or Reboot Social Media Profiles

Today, social networks are a kind of guarantor that the site is not fake. Before deciding on cooperation, most likely the partner’s site will have a look at your social media profiles. If they are empty or completely absent, then this may lead to the idea that your site is fake.

Create a Facebook and Instagram page. Post content regularly, it will generate additional traffic for your site. If you already have social networks, then get them in order. Add relevant content and make sure it’s useful. Guest blogging sites always pay attention to this factor.

How to Find Guest Blogging Sites Without Experience in This Field

While you are preparing your site, you can begin preparing to find partner sites. Since this is also not a very fast task, as it might seem at first glance.

Prepare a Guest Blogging Sites List

The goal of guest blogging is to reach the target audience. If you are selling auto parts, then collaborating with websites that sell cosmetics is not the best idea.

You have to choose such sites with which you will have the same audience. For example, if you are selling auto parts, then consider cooperating with sites that offer connected products or services. Or find sites with the same target audience. For instance, you may cooperate with the websites providing car repair or washing services.

Enter keywords, for example, “buy auto parts”, and choose the site that will be the first in the Google result. Since such sites have the best reputation with the search engine and can bring you real impact. You can also enter a keyword and add the phrase “become a guest author” This way you can get search results with sites that are ready to host a guest post. Write down such sites to your guest blogging sites list.

When you have a list of sites ready, determine if they offer guest posting opportunities. Typically, this information is placed in such sections as Write for us or About us.

Check Websites for SEO Effectiveness

Few people want to face “dead” sites, which means you need to make sure that the partnership will benefit you. Here are some tips you might find useful:

  • Check the domain with Moz. If the rating is below 30, then exclude this site from your list.
  • Check out social media. Promising and live websites always have an active social media presence and their subscribers may become your website visitors as well. Plus, this is another opportunity to check if the site is fake.
  • Look at the frequency of posting content. If the last blog post was a few months ago, then this collaboration will not bring you the results you want. Also, see if the content is being shared on other platforms or not.

Prepare your Appeal

It is necessary to prepare a speech or even a sales pitch for a potential partner site. Be sure that you are sending an offer to the relevant person. If the site has no content requirements, then ask about it in your appeal. Also, check the terms of cooperation since some resources may require payment for content placement.

Create Your Content According to the Guest Blogging Sites Requirements

Keep in mind that the content for a guest posting is not only a text about your site and services/product. The site partner will put forward content requirements that you must take into account. Otherwise, your content will not be published and you will deprive yourself of a partner site.

Kindly ask your authors to follow the partner’s requirements. Since all the previous actions take a lot of time and it will be a shame to lose contact at the last step.

Is There an Easier Way to Find Guest Blogging Partners?

To have a real result, you will need to cooperate with many sites. An independent search for partners requires a lot of effort and time. If you are not new to SEO, then it can be quite possible to cope with such a task.

If the whole algorithm seems complicated to you, then guest posting agencies are worth-considering alternatives. They can help you with content writing and placement on the hundreds of sites that have a good rating and are ready to cooperate.

In this case, the process of guest posting becomes completely outsourced and automated. You just need to define the specifications of the websites you want to publish your posts at (like their domain authority, age, and target audience features), plan your budget, and enjoy your boosted SEO rankings.

The Bottom Line

Do not ignore such a method as finding guest blogging sites. This task may seem daunting, but the results are worth it. You just have to try a few times and you will see that it works. As an alternative, you can use the services of agencies like the Adsy and get results quickly without spending your own time but with an improved SERP position guarantee.

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