Sell Your Products Online

How To Sell Your Products Online Through VIRTUAL Venturing

You want to buy and sell products via online platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, and many more. You buy quickly and easily and gain access to millions of customers. But is it as simple as it seems? We have listed the most important things for you.

Selling via an online platform is easy to buy and sell stuff. Without investment in property and large stocks. Plenty of opportunities, but arrange it well.

Your preparation

Do you see opportunities in sales through an online marketplace? Find out about the conditions of the platform. You pay a fixed amount per month for a business account on such an online platform. You often also pay a fee for each sale achieved. This is usually a percentage of sales and can vary by product category. You pay extra for extensions to the standard package. For example, a link to your social media channels or a chat module.

See what additional costs you will have to deal with. This includes shipping and return costs, but also costs for translating product descriptions. List all costs, so you can find out whether enough profit remains at the end of the ride.

Your sales account

As a partner of the platform, you set up your own shop page. This contains information about your online store, contact details, and conditions. Visitors can also see how other customers rate your store and find an overview of your offer. Pay close attention to your product descriptions. Do not just give the specifications, but also show the benefits of your product and what it will bring the customer when he buys the product.

As a seller, you can join on online platforms and marketplaces. They offer a certification that allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and achieve a higher ranking on the platform. With the certification, you show that you comply with legislation and regulations and that your buyers can use complaints mediation and independent dispute resolution. 

What does the platform do for you?

The platform often arranges everything related to administration and payment for you. Many platforms also provide packaging and shipping of your products. This is called fulfillment. You then pay an agreed amount per package sent.

Pay attention! Make sure you have enough products in stock. You will be immediately punished for delivery problems. This can lead to a lower ranking on the platform. Or worse, closing your sales account.

Comply with service standards

Online platforms often measure response times. For example, expects you to handle 90% of customer inquiries within 8 office hours. It is advised that entrepreneurs who are just starting out to handle questionnaires via email. “You have low costs and the messages are automatically saved. Use a business account and clearly indicate on your website how much time you will respond to. This way the customer knows what to expect. ”

Online marketplaces sometimes state that you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the affiliate program. You do not have to be 18 years old to register with the Chamber of Commerce.

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