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John Lasseter and Skydance Animation to Release New Animated Musical

A new animation studio, Skydance Animation, is led by John Lasseter, who has achieved an enormous amount in the world of animation and entertainment. He has won two Academy Awards for his work in the animation industry, and he has brought in several other Academy Award winners in the entertainment realm to help create a world-class animation studio with plenty of talent behind it. The idea for the studio was to attract all the top talent from around the world to create a studio that focuses on fresh, original stories told by people who are passionate creators.

John Lasseter is the director of Skydance Animation, and he comes to the new studio after being the chief creative officer of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. These two studios are the largest in the world, and they owe much of their recent success to the work of John Lasseter. He has brought this energy and experience to Skydance which will release series, shorts, and full-length films. The studio is headquartered in Madrid and New York and is set up to attract both a global community of creators and global audiences of all ages who love the stories they get from the studio. Skydance Animation and John Lasseter are committed to telling stories that are highly original in a world of reboots and remakes.

The studio has a long-term deal with the network Apple TV+ for tv series, shorts, and full-length films to be released on the network. Two films have already been released, and Spellbound is the next film to be introduced by the studio.

Blush and Luck Find Success

The first short film released from Skydance Animation was Blush. This short was the carefully crafted tale of an astronaut from Earth and the ethereal being that he meets after he has crashed on a deserted planet. While he wonders how he will survive, the visitor shows him how to survive and thrive in the new land. The production earned rave reviews for its gentle animation and heartfelt story of romance and adventure.

Luck was the studio’s first full-length film release, and Luck has also garnered great reviews from audiences who liked this tale of luck and those who need it. In Luck, an orphaned young woman has rotten luck and seeks a change of luck for herself and a friend by traveling to the Land of Luck. Like other offerings from Skydance Animation, this film seeks to touch the heart of viewers as well as keep them entertained.


The next offering from John Lasseter and Skydance is the feature-length film Spellbound. This is the studio’s foray into animated musicals, and it has its original score from Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken. The film is about a kingdom that has a kind royal family to rule it. The king, queen, and princess, each voiced by celebrity voice talent like Nicole Kidman, set off on a journey to get a spell on the kingdom broken.

With the kingdom split into two pieces, Princess Ellian and her parents face a lot of obstacles in their quest to break the spell and save the kingdom from succumbing to darkness. Spellbound features Nicole Kidman as the Queen of Lumbria and Javier Bardem as King Solon. With a full cast of amazingly talented voice actors, the story in this fantasy kingdom comes to life. It is expected to be the next big success for the studio, and a line of toys based on the movie is planned. The new release will also be on Apple TV+ as a part of the deal with the animation studio.

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