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Top 5 Free Website Builders That You Must Try

Website builders are tools that help you to develop or construct a website without manual coding or any programming knowledge. In other words, it is a program or a tool that helps you to build a website from scratch to the most advanced level. Although there are lots of cheapest website builders available in industry but free online website builders have made our lives easier, where we can build a professional website within minutes without the help of any website developers. If you are looking for website builders for free then we have some options for you.

  • Wix

Wix is one of the best free website builders that helps you to create a website. It offers maximum convenience and has functions and simplicity that will make you want to choose this website builder. It is easy to handle and one of the popular website builders available online. Wix has tools that help you to make different kinds of websites. To build a free professional website Wix would be a great choice. Wix is a specialized free website builder but offers hundreds of free templates that you can use according to your choice and design perfect looking business websites.

  • Weebly

It’s one of the easiest website builders available in the market providing awesome features to create stunning websites in just a few minutes. It was established in the year 2007 and is one of the oldest website builders. It offers a lot of free themes which makes your job easier in creating a professional website in no time. You won’t feel the need to hire a web developer or designer as the interface will allow you to manage everything that a professional website needs. In short, this website builder brings you a lot of amazing features. It offers features where you can edit HTML and also you can also edit parts of your website personally. It has advanced web architecture and is better for creating large websites as compared to other builders. The website builder allows you to create stunning websites with multiple pages, and also eCommerce shopping portals.

  • Site123

This is also a great website builder and makes a website with simplicity and clarity.  It is one of the simplest website builders among all the other builders. A step by step procedure is the main advantage of this user-friendly website builder where you can build your website easily. It is a simple and intuitive website builder but the functionalities and features it offers goes more with the basic websites and not the advanced ones.

  • Ucraft

It is also a great website builder loaded with quick and easy functionalities. When you are looking to build a personal blog or an individual portfolio, then Ucraft can be the most suitable option for you. The websites that are developed and designed using Ucraft are fully responsive, dynamic, following the SEO standards helps your site on search engine rankings. Apart from that, you’ll be provided with a bunch of readymade templates to choose from. There are templates available that are specifically designed for particular industries where you’ll not require any technical or coding skills as everything is readily available. This website builder offers free hosting, free SSL certificate, and also allows you to add a domain name for free.

  • WordPress

If you are planning to build a website for your blog then the best one you can choose for yourself is WordPress. It is online website builder and open-source software. It also gives you a domain name and an SSL certificate when you choose WordPress as your host and a free domain name (which is a subdomain of The stunning features, in-built templates, powerful plugins, dynamic interface, one-click navigations, responsiveness will make you fall in love with WordPress.

If you want to install WordPress on your personal website with your own custom domain, then you can do that as well via personal hosting.

Websites are important for everyone nowadays- whether it is a business or an individual, you’ll need a dynamic, responsible website of multiple pages to promote your brand. Without a website, no business can sustain or grow in such a competitive market of today. And the best thing is, with free website builders you can easily create stunning professional websites for your company that helps grow the organization across the globe. Apart from promoting the brand, you can also earn a good income from your website through ad networks, affiliates, selling products, lead generations, etc. So, it’s wise if you start creating one for yourself or for your business and take your monthly earnings to a new level! If you face any issues while creating website yourself then it is suggested to take the help of professional website developer from reputed web development company.

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