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Why Most Security Guards Failed to Protect Their Clients?

The need for security guards has become crucial these days. The main job of a security guard is to protect their clients from intruders and take care of their assets. These days, we can find a security guard stationed at almost every commercial building. Some people with threats hire security guards for their private environments as well. With all the technology in the world, the need for a human security guard can never be minimized. This is because human beings have the ability to think and make a decision according to the circumstances. On the other hand, the technology of robots and artificial intelligence still has not gotten this far.

The job of a security guard can be tough and boring. It demands extreme endurance and challenging patience. While this job can involve hours, days and even months of sitting idle, it can hit with a surprise visit and catch the guard off-guard. This is the reason why a security guard has to be sharp and at his best at all times.

There have been multiple instances where security guards have failed at performing their job duties in an efficient manner. A good security guard company trains and teaches its security guards to prepare for the worst. Their main job is to protect their clients, even if it means putting their life on the line. Security guards are armed at all times and are allowed to use the weapons if they find a potential situation.

Following are some of the reasons why security guards are not able to perform at their fullest potential:

1.      Low Salaries and Incentives

In order to maximize profits, most security guard companies do not take good care of their security guards. They are offered low salaries, which in some cases are even lower than the minimum wage set by the government. Because this job role involves less mental contribution and education, the average salaries are low for security guards. This is the reason why the motivation levels and morale are low for security guards.

2.      Lack of Proper Training and Education

The job of a security guard involves training and education. A good organization always invests in its employees. For a security guard company, this means proper physical and mental training. The security guard should be able to know when, where and how to make an efficient decision. He/she should know how to fight without a weapon and should be able to see trends and evaluate circumstances in an efficient manner.

3.      Tough Physical Exertion

Some security guards are stationed at places where they have to stand all day. These are the jobs where guards have to security check cars and their trunks. Although these security guards work in revolving shifts, they are still unmotivated and tired of their job.

4.      High Competition Consequences

There are a lot of private security guard companies present in the market which has increased competition. This competition has resulted in companies wanting to get ahead by coming up with ideas and techniques. Some cheap tricks involve hiring of incompetent security personnel at extremely low salaries. This has resulted in a low-quality service and bad end results.

5.      Ignorance from High Tier Employees

Executives generally have a bossy attitude because of which they do not like security checks. This is when a security breach happens and security guards, as a result, are not able to keep a one-hundred percent record.

6.      Involvement in Other Activities

In some organizations, security guards are used to completing multiple other chores along with their regular job duties. This can be dangerous as it paves the way for unguarded entrances and a lack of focus by the security guards.

7.      Lack of Movement

Some security guards just sit the whole day out. This makes them lazy and tired. In case of need, they fail to be as agile as they are required and result in poor performance.

8.      Criminal Infiltration

There have been a lot of cases in the past where criminals have applied for a security guard job and have worked there as well. Some security guard companies, in order to hire security guards at low salaries have skipped their paperwork because of urgency driven conditions. This quick-fix solution has ended with them being in a difficult situation.

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