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Your Complete Guide to New Boiler Installation

Your Complete Guide to New Boiler Installation

Are you frustrated with your old boiler system? If yes, then it is already time to replace it with a new one. Well, it can be quite difficult and stressful to install a new boiler unless you know the basic steps for it. It is suggested to hire boiler installers or plumbers in London who can help in getting it installed properly.

Different kinds of boilers

There are three types of boiler and these are – the combi, the conventional and the system boiler.

Whether you have hot water requirements, gas connection, the amount of space needed and the kind of efficiency required, choosing the right one depends on several factors. Hence, changing the old boiler for your type will make the installation process easy and convenient. But, for many, the benefits of switching to a new and energy efficient boiler will outweigh any kind of disruption.

What is the right size of the boiler for your needs?

You need to contact your gas engineer who can help in choosing the right boiler size by taking certain factors into consideration.

How much water do you use in your home every day?

If you have a big family, then you will probably need more water usage than a single occupant who stays alone. Truly speaking, conventional boilers are a good choice to fulfill higher water demands while combi boilers are the best for lower water usage.

How much space do you have?

If you do not have much space in your home, then combi boilers are definitely a great option as they do not require a hot water cylinder.

Where do you need the boiler to be installed?

It is always best to install the new boiler in the same area where the old one was there for minimal disruption and easy installation. Many people prefer kitchens for new gas boiler installation in London but you may place it in any room provided it has proper pipeworks to position the flue in the most appropriate way.

How can you search for a safe boiler installer?

You need to search for an accredited gas engineer after selecting the type of new boiler to be installed in your house. All British gas engineers are gas safe registered and you should not hire one who is not. Thus, gather all the information about the engineer you will work with and choose wisely.

When should you get your new boiler installed?

You might not always select the right timing for installation, particularly when the present boiler breaks down suddenly. But the summer months are always the best time for a new boiler installation. Thus, you will be less dependent on hot water and heating which means the entire process will be stress-free.

What can you expect during the installation?

Boiler Installation

The gas engineer will always try to make the boiler installation simple and convenient. He should be able to cover the surfaces and carpets, bring all materials needed to begin, work safely and efficiently, follow all the rules carefully and clean the place before leaving your home.

1. Before starting the work

You gas safe engineer should check a few things with you before the work Some of these include – how many radiators are there, number of bathrooms in your home, positioning of the present boiler, flue, and water pressure.

2. On the day of installation

If you want to install a combi boiler, talk to your engineer and get it installed on the same day. Though it is an old type of boiler and you are changing your type of boiler, you might face certain complications during the installation procedure. Make sure you are near the installer when he begins with installation work till it gets fitted completely.

3. Cost for new boiler installation

The costs for boiler installation might be quite expensive and quotes can differ widely depending on typical boiler installation that ranges somewhere between £3,000 and £5,000. Thus, shop around to compare the rates of different installers before hiring the right one for your needs. This usually depends on whether you select a basic switch, new model or complete system change with additional pipeworks for it.

  1. Get the right documentation

All gas safe registered businesses should inform the local authorities at the time of installing a new gas appliance for safety and security purposes. They should also provide a Building Regulations Certificate and completed the Benchmark Certificate for compliance proof. Make sure you enquire about it if it does not happen in your case.

5. After the installation

Most reputable heating and plumbing companies will provide you with some guarantee on their services. You need to talk to your boiler installer at 4D Heating and Plumbing and know the warranty they offer on their installation work. These conditions might differ from person to person and so, you should always check before agreeing with the clauses of the boiler installer.

Are you extremely worried about the safety concerns related to your new boiler installation? Do you think that your engineer has really done a bad job? Well, he is bound to solve any kind of issue that you might face with your new boiler or reimburse you for the cost of hiring him. But if you have chosen and hired a gas safe engineer, then you really need not worry at all and can be assured that the new boiler has been installed safely.

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