Ininway: Find Your Like-Minded People

Ininway: Find Your Like-Minded People

Sometimes it’s very hard to find people with similar interests. The reason may be that you don’t have enough socialization skills or you just can’t find offline people who like the same activities as you. Now, during the development of digital technologies, this problem can be solved by social networks. One such social network is Initway (website If you have never heard of platforms for finding and creating activities and events with other people, it’s your chance to find new acquaintances and do your favorite hobby together.

do your favorite hobby together

The Main Feature of Social Platform

Initway is a social network where you can find like-minded friends. Here you can hold joint events with your new friends. For example, if you are going on a hike, you will not only easily find people with similar interests, but you will also be able to choose the most comfortable search conditions. 

At the same time, hiking is far from the only thing that the platform can offer. Events can be completely different: for example, fashion shows, rock concerts, amateur football matches, and many more. Also, the obvious advantage is that this site has a lot of users. Because of this, even if you have a very rare hobby (for example, you love to play the theremin), you will never feel lonely – you will certainly meet another one.

meet another one

This is a new social network, but it already has many advantages. Among them are such as: 

  • The event can be either one-time or permanent. You choose what suits you best; 
  • If you don’t know what you want, you can look at current offers created by other users and join what interests you; 
  • Using Initway is very easy – the interface is intuitive, navigation is very simple, and the functionality is extensive; 
  • If you need to clarify any details of the upcoming event with your like-minded people, there is a special chat on the social network for this; 
  • You will never lose touch with people – the platform has the ability to add users as friends. 
add users as friends

How to Find Your Like-Minded People?

First of all, you need to register. You can fill out a form on the site or use your Facebook or Google account. After successful registration, you can find activities that interest you. It’s worth checking – perhaps the activity has already been created, in which case you can join the event. If you didn’t find anything, don’t worry – you can always create an activity with all the information about your own event. And other like-minded people will be able to join it.

If you feel lonely, understand you lack like-minded people or just want to draw more attention to this event, join Initway. Discuss, have fun, and share new experiences with your friends – because of the Initway platform, this has become possible!

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