JavaScript: What Is This Technology?

JavaScript: What Is This Technology?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. It is used by developers to create interactive web pages. Due to its wide functionality, the interaction of the user and the site is noticeably improved. JavaScript is used in the development of scripts for execution on the client side and this makes it one of the basic (basic) technologies in the World Wide Web. 

It is worth noting that initially web pages were practically no different from the pages in the book, but thanks to the JavaScript language, which arose as a browser-side technology, it became possible to make pages more dynamic. In addition, this programming language has an impressive set of built-in code libraries that are used by developers when creating mobile applications. On the portal you can find examples of original and beautiful Javascript API documents. 

JavaScript is often used to create games in the browser. The code libraries used in practice allow you to create a game, and then export it to various game (including mobile) resources. A feature of JavaScript is the ability to use this language together with other languages, as well as insert it into any web page. In addition, the functionality of this programming language allows you to execute several instructions in parallel.

Is it difficult to become a JavaScript programmer?

The profession of a JS-developer is prestigious and you can master it in different ways: at the university, at specialized courses or independently, drawing information on the Internet. In any case, the threshold for entering this profession is considered relatively low, but in the future it is necessary to constantly improve your knowledge and skills. If we talk about step-by-step instructions for mastering this field of activity, it may look like this:

  • Learn the basics of HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript syntax;
  • Memorize basic concepts, such as functional and object-oriented JS;
  • Independently, through trial and error, determine the most convenient toolkit for yourself: a browser, a code editor, an operating system, etc .;
  • Master Node.js technology;
  • Learn to distinguish between non-relational and relational databases;
  • Try out at least one of the JS frameworks in practice.

This is not a complete list of those skills that a future developer should master, but if you have patience and persistently go to the intended goal, then the result will definitely come. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the requirements that employers impose on employees in this area. Of course, the demand for beginners is relatively small, but if you immediately prove yourself on the positive side, you can count on long-term cooperation.

In addition to professional qualities, employers pay attention to the personal qualities of their future employees, among which perseverance, concentration, attentiveness and concentration are taken into account. It is desirable that the programmer is able to communicate with customers and colleagues. 

What is the salary of JavaScript programmers

As in any other field, the salary of JavaScript programmers primarily depends on the experience and skills of employees. In addition, the level of income differs significantly, depending on the country where the person works: in European countries and the United States, the level of wages is significantly higher than in Russia. Excellent knowledge of English opens the way to cooperation with foreign companies that offer not only higher pay, but also more comfortable working conditions. 

The average salary of a JavaScript programmer in Germany is about 60-65 thousand euros per year, and in turn in Sweden this figure is lower by about 10 thousand euros. In Russia, the level of income in this segment starts from 10-15 thousand dollars a year, and therefore many employees are trying to find a job in European and American firms. The United States is the most developed country in this direction and it is not surprising that it is beyond the ocean that experienced programmers can count on the greatest income – at least 100 thousand dollars a year. 

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