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How to Collect Email Addresses and Turn Visitors Into Subscribers

Email marketing is an important marketing strategy as it is a vital tool in establishing a loyal audience. Without email addresses, however, you wouldn’t want to be able to have an effective email marketing strategy.

Here, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know pertaining to collecting email addresses and turning your visitors into subscribers.

  1. CTA

A simple call-to-action (CTA) on your website is all you need to begin collecting email addresses. With that in mind, however, it’s important that you’ve got a strong CTA. Simply having a button that says ‘subscribe here’ may not be attractive enough to entice an individual.

On the otherhand, having a CTA such as ‘claim your free trial here’ could make it more likely for you to secure that person’s email address.

  1. Lead Magnets

Lead magnets can help you to establish authority and thought leadership in your industry. Lead magnets can take different forms such as branded reports, webinars, whitepapers and more.

By having lead magnets, individuals will be more likely to provide their email addresses – especially since they’re getting it in exchange of something else.

  1. Create a quiz or a game

A variation of a traditional lead magnet, a quiz or a game can provide added value to the customer through entertainment. To craft the quiz or game, however, you would need to know your target audience and what they’d like to know about themselves.

It’s also important that the quiz or game relates to your product or service and provides a level of interaction that one can’t normally get with a blog post or listicle.

  1. Offer an incentive

Similar to lead magnets, an incentive will provide individuals with a reason to provide their email addresses. Unlike lead magnets, however, it doesn’t have to be a digital product such as a whitepaper or a report.

Instead, this incentive could be some sort of discount or exclusive sale. Users should feel like they’re receiving something special for subscribing to your email newsletter.

  1. Setting up a landing page

Another great way to collect email addresses is to create a landing page. Within this landing page, you should have a captivating headline, convincing reasons for individuals to subscribe, some great imagery and most definitely a clear CTA.

Collect Email Addresses
  1. Social media

Social media is another great way to collect email addresses. You can run a social media competition that encourages individuals to sign up to your email database. At the end of the competition, you can pick one winner to receive a special prize.

With social media competitions, it not only helps generate word-of-mouth, but it’s also a great way to get a large amount of email subscribers within a short period of time.

The importance of email addresses
In this digital age, email marketing is of utmost importance. With that, it’s important that you’re also doing what you can to collect email addresses.and if you’re looking to have others do it for you, you may want hire agencies have a proven process. By doing so, you’ll be able to send exclusive offers, important news, or new releases to your subscribers.

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