How To Dress Well For Women in winter

How To Dress Well For Women In Fall And Winter

Fall and winter are some of the most enjoyable seasons for people as the hues of the leaves change, evenings become chillier, and people slowly move towards wearing warmer garments.

In addition, fall and winters are women’s favorite seasons to dress up and experiment with different colors, textures, and garments. Apart from just dressing nice, women generally look forward to stepping out and enjoying hot drinks on a cold night like pumpkin spice lattes or cappuccinos that remind them of the festive season that is right around the corner. 


Building up a capsule wardrobe comes in handy instead of investing in new and trend-based pieces every year. Most of the time, you can build your outfits just by utilizing whatever is already available in your closet. Basic pieces like a black T-shirt, a good pair of jeans, a jacket, a pair of leggings are all enough to build your look.

You can just play around with your outerwear, like a good overcoat with a pop of color, a chunky knit scarf around your neck or a neon sweater. Dressing for fall and winter is very easy as compared to dressing up for the summer season.

In colder months, you can easily just change your outerwear; jacket, coat, cardigan and voila, it seems like you just put together a completely new outfit whereas you just changed one piece of garment!

In order to determine how you are supposed to put together your perfect capsule wardrobe to dress well in fall and winter, you should keep the following things in mind:

  1. What’s the weather like where you live? How many seasons do you have? Does the weather change slightly or suddenly, and for how long does the weather remain the same? For instance, if the cold season stays for a more extended period, then it is worth investing in good, key pieces that will last you for a long time, and you won’t get bored easily. 
  1. What’s your lifestyle? Are you a student? Do you go to work, or are you a stay-at-home person? That determines whether you need to invest in casual wear, formal wear, or athleisure. Your lifestyle determines what kind of clothes you should buy more of.
  1. What’s your body type? Your body type should be the one of the first and foremost elements you should consider to decide which cuts you should buy.

Assess whether you have a square shape, hourglass shape, pear-shaped, or inverted triangle body type shape. If you wear things according to your body type, they will always look flattering and enhance your curves even more. In addition, wearing the wrong kind of cuts on your body could accentuate unwanted parts, and you could end up looking funny.

  1. Your personal style and taste should always be taken into consideration, whether you’re a sport-playing woman, classy and elegant, or just someone who loves wearing a little bit of everything.
  1. Colors – are you a warm-toned or cool-toned person? Do colors with blue in them bring out your skin tone, or do colors with red bring out your skin tone. If you’re not sure about your skin tone, try out the metallic jewelry test. If silver looks good on you, you’re cool-toned; if gold looks good on you, you’re warm-toned. If both look equally good, then you’re neutral. Try it out, it’s fun to know!
  1. Your budget – are you willing to invest in high-end pieces, or are you shopping on a budget would help you streamline the choices you have.

A Simple Style Guide for Fall & Winter Fashion

If you don’t want to invest in high-end pieces but still want to look fab, don’t worry; we have got you covered. You can build a fall and winter ‘capsule wardrobe’ which requires you to have only a few essential key pieces that you can dress up or down according to your needs. You can just start with the basic colors like, black, white, nude and can add warmer colored pieces of your choice. 
What Do You Need to Have?

#1 A Basic High Neck Sweater

Basic High Neck Sweater
High Neck Sweater

As it often gets chilly and then cold really fast and unpredictably, you should always have a basic high neck sweater that you can wear on its own, under a jacket or an overcoat. Solid colors should be your best friend. 

#2 A Solid Colour Casual Long-Sleeved Cardigan

A good knitted cardigan always goes a long way! Cardigans are essential as you can throw them over a t-shirt, a camisole, or a tank top. So even on days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed and putting effort into dressing up, cardigans are always a good choice. A solid color casual long-sleeved cardigan can be worn over a simple outfit, like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or over a pair of sweats, and you are good to head out!

Solid Colour Casual Long-Sleeved Cardigan

#3 An Oversized Sweater 

Sweaters are a must-have for the fall and winter seasons. A good knit sweater is worth the investment as it really goes a long way. Some women prefer bigger and chunkier knit however others prefer smaller and close-knit sweaters; it depends on your style as both are equally fashionable.

An Oversized Sweater

#4 Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are perfect for the fall and winter seasons as they are neither too thick nor too thin for the season. They can be layered with a turtleneck or a t-shirt. Distressed, stone-washed, and ripped denim jackets are some of the trendy pieces for this season. 

Denim Jacket

#5 A Basic Solid Coloured Jacket

A cold-season capsule wardrobe must always have an essential black jacket that practically works with every outfit. Bomber jackets, biker jackets, leather jackets, and Sherpa jackets are some of the most sought-after pieces. A good quality black jacket is always a yes! 

Basic Solid Coloured Jacket

#6 A Coat

Overcoats are extremely essential for building your fall/winter wardrobe. A basic black overcoat that is well-tailored and is of good quality should always be in your closet.

If you can’t choose what kind of coat you want, an essential lapel collar coat should be your main choice as it is the most basic type of coat that is a no-brainer during fall and winters.


#7 A Good Pair of Well-Fitted Jeans 

Skinny jeans are extremely essential for a fall/ winter wardrobe as they hug the legs, are great for tucking in high boots and wearing with oversized coats. Slightly baggy jeans can also work great with layering if you want to wear tights inside to keep yourself from freezing. 

Black and dark blue jeans should be your best friend for the colder season. Of course, if you want to elevate your style, you can always go for slightly ripped jeans, but overly distressed jeans with huge cut-outs can freeze you in this cold weather. However, if style comes before comfort, then you can always take the risk.

Pair of Well-Fitted Jeans

#8 A Good Pair of Well-Fitted Jeans 

Plaid is a checkered pattern that screams winter! It’s a pattern that never goes out of style and is worn and loved by everyone during winters. Whether it can be a plaid skirt or a plaid shirt, you will always see it worn by women. A red and black plaid is mostly preferred and worn by masses.

Pair of Well-Fitted Jeans

#9 Beanie

A warm, fuzzy, well-knitted beanie is always a great idea to add to your wardrobe. Apart from keeping you warm and cozy, it also looks really cute and romantic and elevates any outfit because it is a head accessory. A loose beanie or a beanie with a pom pom attached at the end is usually loved by women who want to look playful with their outfits. 


#10 Boots

Be it thigh-high boots or low ankle boots; they are a fall/winter season must-have. Medium-heeled boots always look chic with every winter outfit. Leather and suede are one of the most loved materials when shopping for boots. If it gets really cold where you live and snows too, make sure to get your hands on those boots which resist the cold weather and are waterproof.


The Takeaway!

The fall and winter season is all about mixing and matching; there is no real guidebook or a book of strict rules that tells you how you should dress up. Real confidence comes from within, from wearing whatever makes you happy and comfortable.

Self-love is key for standing out and rocking anything that you wear. Experimenting and trying out new looks, playing with different pieces, and putting together outfits really helps you create looks that you can wear to different events.

In addition, most of the time, amazing outfits are put together through layering, mixing and matching, and taking the risk with a bold, statement piece. Fall and winter fashion is all about being warm and cosy, and being ready for the festive holiday season.  If you’re contemplating wardrobe options, look here to explore through trending fashion pieces or get more options to decide from after navigating through the website.

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