Frame Color Of Sunglasses

How To Find The Perfect Frame Color Of Sunglasses?

The color of sunglasses makes a big difference in the overall look of a person. When selecting frames, give a thought to find a style that complements the color of your eye, and skin tone depending on the effect you like. 

The frames like black, brown, and tortoiseshell have a versatile quality whereas colored frames are good if you wish to make more of a statement. 

Matching Color Of The Frame To Skin Tone. 

Warm Skin Tone – with a golden undertone, warm skin type looks excellent with frames like – orange frame sunglasses, tortoise, brown, red, gold, and yellow. They also look best in black. 

Cool Skin Tone – cool skin types look great with the same cool-toned frames like silver, green, blue, grey, and clear undertones. All black frames look excellent but maybe too harsh so they are to be balanced out with a subtle pattern or accent color. 

Neutral Skin Tone – They with a mix of golden and pink undertones can match with anything. Go bold with dark black, with the tortoise pattern keep it neutral or go with any number of fun shades. 

Depending on the type of skin tone mainly warm or cool, particular frame colors may be more likely to complement the overall look of a person. 

Matching Color Of The Frame To Eye Color 

When you decide what frame color of glasses suits best with the color of your eyes, ask yourself if you like to make a statement or go for something versatile. For an understated and subdued look, go for frames of a color that matches with the neutral tone in your eyes like black or brown, or beige. 

If you desire to have a fun, statement-making look go for a color that is contrasting but complementary to the color of your eyes. 

Grey Eyes – select colorful frames to give a bright finish to your appearance. Because grey is a neutral tone already, any bright color will work best with grey eyes

Brown or Amber Eyes – colorful frame looks great with brown or amber eyes, from classic black to bright tone. If you want a different look, choose a bold color that contrasts against amber and brown, such as green or blue. 

Blue Eyes – for a bold look, orange makes your eyes pop. Brown and tortoiseshell glasses too look good with blue eyes.

Green Eyes – red is complementary to green and brings a great contrast if you wish to channel a statement-making look. Purple or Gold frames also have the same striking effect. For something slightly more understated, go for brown or other earthy tones. The subdued colors look good with green eyes always. 

Hazel Eyes – they switch from brown to green and so going for green or brown frames give both contrast and coordination. Amber frames are a great choice too. 


If you are ready to try on new frame colors a large choice of sunglasses is available online with various brands, colors, and frame shapes. With the try on view tool, you may use a camera or webcam to try on new frames and choose the perfect sunglasses according to your face shape and style.

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