Effective Business Presentation

How to Make an Effective Business Presentation

The very question of making something effective seems to be a troublesome one. In general, it takes a lot of effort and skills to make something work in a manner that you want it to perform until it comes to PowerPoint and Google Slides. You will hardly find a task as simple as creating an effective presentation because today’s software provides you with all the tools and guides you might only need to end up on the winning end. What is more, you don’t even have to create the presentations, as you can download free templates and then use it to render your presentation simple and efficient. Hence, this is namely about efficiency in business presentations that we are going to talk about today, as we will tell you about the five major rules of creating an effective presentation with no presentation skills in PowerPoint whatsoever.

Keep Everything Simple

Now, let’s start with facing the fact that lots of folks still find it hard to understand and accept. In today’s business, simplicity is the key to success. So, you might want to use simple PowerPoint templates to get your audience’s attention and keep them interested throughout the presentation. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with tons of superficial information. Thus, a modern business person who wants to convince investors and customers of the benefits his or her business brings would go to https://masterbundles.com/how-to-create-the-powerpoint-presentation-pitching-as-an-art/ to learn how to make an amazing presentation in no time. One tip is to use templates. They are easy to use, which saves you a lot of time and thus lets focus on your business.

What is more, one needs to acknowledge that you don’t need presentation skills to come up with a brilliant and effective presentation when you have a ready-made template. Basically, you don’t need to know how to make good presentations: just download a template that you like and insert the information you want your audience to see within the already prepared fields and margins, which are fully customizable. Thus, you won’t overdose your presentation with redundant elements, and you will keep it simple.

Don’t Overdo It

The number of slides matters, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You cannot succeed in 2021 with a business presentation that is 4 slides long. At the same time, presentations with more than 25 slides will simply bore your audience, and you won’t be able to reach your ultimate goal. Regardless of how wonderful and stunning your ideas are, try your best to keep them succinct, yet not too short. It seems like a presentation ranging in between 12-18 slides will be a perfect shot at killing two birds with one stone: convincing your audience of your idea and saving your time for preparing the presentation.

Mind the Colors

One of the major presentation tips that we simply could not have failed to mention shortly is to mind the colors. Briefly speaking, do not add too many colors. Choose three of them and let two of them dominate while keeping the third as the highlight color you use to draw folks’ attention to particular points and issues. This is one of the best presentation techniques you can and should use.

Keep the Word-to-Image Balance

It would be extremely helpful if you would make sure to maintain a perfect balance of image and words in your business presentation. For instance, simple cute Google Slides templates to be found on https://masterbundles.com/cute-google-slides-themes/ are a perfect example of how you should govern the visual space in your presentation. Too many words would confuse the audience, and too many pictures would make your presentation look “watery”, which is deprived of business value. The Goldilock standard to follow here is one picture per slide and no more than 50 words per slide. Thus, you will keep everyone in the audience focused and shackled to the screen and the idea behind the slides.

Make It Coherent

Regardless of the topic you are presenting and the final aim of your presentation, remember to keep your information coherent. You don’t want your audience to miss the point that you’re trying to relay. So, you might want to use simple PPT presentations and themes, which are best when it comes to ensuring coherence in your presentations. It does not matter whether they are free-of-charge or premium, they are already built in a way that lets your audience keep close track and remain involved in what you’re trying to say.


Creating an effective business presentation is not that hard as it might seem to be at first sight. Nowadays, you can go online and download Google Slides or PowerPoint themes that would be a proper fit for the idea behind your presentation. Your presentation skills in PowerPoint won’t matter as all the templates come with embedded manuals and guides that will help you craft something special.

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