Reasons Why Your Storefront Should Have Bollards

A bollard was initially used for securing a boat and ship. That is why it was at a pier, port, or harbour staple when it first came into being. Eventually, it moved away from the coast and helped in controlling traffic. An early form of a bollard, such as one from the 17th century, was a cannon. It was buried muzzle-first to about two-thirds of its length. At times it was also buried the other way around, with a big cannonball placed on its muzzle.

Such is the reason why some bollards that you can spot today resemble the shape of cannons. Many modern-day ones, however, are in the form of simple cylinders, poles or posts, and are often painted with black and yellow stripes. Aside from keeping water vessels from running away and traffic from jamming up, they are for a bunch of other purposes as well.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for you to see them outside banks, ATMs, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, airports, government offices, and many others. You may also spot them around monuments, memorials, shrines, and other structures with historical, cultural, or religious significance. In these examples, it’s quite clear what their primary role is: to protect a principal establishment of an important structure.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar business? Then it’s a great idea to install a bollard row on your storefront. Its presence can be for many different purposes, ranging anywhere from decorative to functional. For all you know, its installation could be one of the smartest steps that you may take for the sake of your money-making venture and customers, too.

You Mean Serious Business

Earlier, we mentioned that bollard rows are quite common around a wide variety of offices and establishments. Their presence often suggests that they are protecting something important. Well, they can also make your establishment appear like it’s one of the most frequented stores by the locals. Having them around can make your business look legit, and this can encourage current customers to keep coming back as well as prospective ones to go to you.

Safeguard Pedestrians and Customers

Especially if they are for both decorative and protective purposes, bollard rows can help safeguard customers who are going in and out of your establishment. They are also for the protection of your associates and suppliers who drop by often. Pedestrians will appreciate their presence, thus making your business look like it cares. This can make it possible for some of your direct competition’s customers to put their trust in you instead.

Maintain Store Visibility at All Times

Despite the fact that you are running an online or offline business, you are running an online or offline business, it needs to be always noticeable to the target people. Otherwise, they might go to one that has more presence and visibility. Having a bollard line in front of your store can fend off cars and trucks from parking, which can easily obscure your brick-and-mortar business. Consider installing removable ones to facilitate unloading of supplies from delivery trucks and loading of goods to customer vehicles.

Protection against Car Crashes

No other purpose of bollard installation is as noteworthy as protecting your storefront as well as your customers against low-impact car crashes. It can also help safeguard you from costly damages and injuries that can stem from car-related accidents. Just because some drivers are careless doesn’t mean that you should care less for your business and customers, too. The installation of bollards is a necessary safety measure.

There are various reasons for bollard installation, some of which can work to the advantage of your establishment and its daily operations.

This article is written by David Smith, a copywriter and content strategist. He helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI quickly. He loves reading books and car racing.

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