Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

Friends are one of the most crucial things for humans to exist, however, sometimes we may come across certain friends which might not be the best for us. 

They might not respect you or even disrespect you. There are pretty much a bunch of signs that they do not respect you or your existence in their life.

You Always Do What They Want You To Do and They Dismiss Your Feelings

Obviously, it’s nice to have people who can help in making decisions which are important to you, especially if you are not sure about it. But if there is a friend of yours who is contributing too much and somehow making all your decisions, all the time without listening to your opinions then it’s quite sure that they are trying to control you. Moreover, they don’t have much respect for you. 

A sign of friendship is that there is respect within the friends and it is ensured that everyone’s input is taken care of and that things work for both of you equally. 

Also, they might tell you that your opinions and feelings are silly or unnecessary or even too dramatic, hence not countable. They might even tell you that your feelings around their actions are invalid.

They Knowingly Upset You

There are times in friendship when one or the other gets upset which can be hurtful, however, if your friends go all the way out to make you feel bad or even is aware that the things that are done is making you feel bad, but carries on doing it anyway, then it’s quite sure that they don’t respect you enough.

Bittle You In Public

Being brittle is about making someone feel small and inferior and that too in public can be awful. Breitling can take many forms, someone might dismiss your opinion all the way just to humiliate and put you down or someone can make you feel silly, small, comical, in front of other people.

And if this someone is one of your friends then sorry to put it out there but they don’t respect you as Breitling, in general, is such a bad thing to do and that too coming from your friends is completely unacceptable and sick.

They Are Mean Behind Your Back and Tend to Break Promises

This has to be one of the most common signs, anyone be it your friend or partner if they are talking mean about you behind your back and being nice in front of you. It’s quite crystal clear that they don’t respect you. 

In any friendship there are times, you want to vent about your feelings after any misunderstanding. However, talking shit about your friend in front of others rather than clearing the misunderstanding, just proves how important that friendship is to you. 

We have all been bailed at some point of time however if you are starting to realise that your friend is constantly and consistently letting you down, breaking your promises or bailing on you, then they are not great friends nor do they have enough love for you.

They Make Fun About Your Problems to Others

Friendships often involve sharing your problems with others and then helping you to solve them. However, there might be times when your friend does not hear your problem quite seriously, rather makes fun of it or even disregards it and considers it as nonsense. 

It might be that your friend is sharing your problem with others, you don’t trust and making fun of it with them. If you realise that you have been in this situation then sorry to break it to you, he/she is not your friend nor do they have respect for you.

They Are Jealous of You.

Friends are always happy for your success, however, if your friends are not a little bit, but to a large degree, jealous of your success in any way and they are jealous to that point that they don’t even celebrate your success with you then that’s a problem.

These are some of the signs that your friends might not respect you enough and if you agree or realise that most of these are true then, we would suggest you lose that friendship.

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