10 Fun Things to Do in Boise Idaho

10 Fun Things to Do in Boise, Idaho

Have you ever tried purple potato fries with gourmet salt? How about customized ice cream made to order with liquid nitrogen?

Well, these are only two of the amazing activities you can try next time you’re in Boise, ID. The following guide includes 10 things to do in Boise that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re into biking, hiking, zoos, aquariums, or local markets, this guide’s got something for you. Oh, and don’t forget to game out at Dave and Buster’s, either. We’ll even tell you where to hear the hottest live music in town.

Ready to learn more? Read this guide and you’ll never wonder what to do in Boise again.

1. The Aquarium of Boise

The Aquarium of Boise is a must, especially if you have kids. You can pet stingrays, feed exotic birds, and get an eyeful of impressive aquatic creatures.

Plus, it’s cheap. And it doesn’t take long to enjoy, so you’ll have time for other activities on this list.

2. Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise is also very affordable, and much larger than the Aquarium of Boise. You and your family could spend several hours there without getting bored. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop before you go.

3. Dave and Buster’s

Speaking of places to play all day, no place is better than Dave and Buster’s. It’s an enormous arcade/restaurant/cocktail bar with seemingly endless games to enjoy. Also, certain games earn points you can redeem for awesome toys, gadgets, and souvenirs.

4. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center

For those of you who don’t know, Boise gets a lot of snow in the winter. As such, skiing enthusiasts don’t want to miss Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center. There are plenty of downhill slopes and cross-country tracks to enjoy.

5. Boise River Greenbelt

Those who love hiking, biking, and scenic views should check out Boise River Greenbelt. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Greenbelt is 25 miles of beautiful Boise nature along the riverbed.

6. Discovery Center Idaho

Discovery Center Idaho is an interactive museum/science exploration center for all ages. Bring the whole family!

7. Treefort Music Festival

Treefort Music Festival has awesome live music and other shows pretty much all the time. Check out the current show lineup here.

8. Capital City Public Market

Try local fare and get a feel for the “real” Boise at the Capital City Public Market. Here, you’ll connect so deeply with Boise that you’ll consider buying investment properties here.

9. Boise Fry Company

If there’s such a thing as a fry connoisseur, Boise Fry Company is their number-one destination. Sample an insanely large variety of fries made with numerous types of potatoes and seasonings. Try them all!

10. Sub-Zero Ice Cream

Lastly, Sub-Zero Ice Cream uses the magic of science (namely, liquid nitrogen) to freeze ice cream before your very eyes. You can also customize the fat and sugar content and choose from tons of different flavor combinations.

Try These Fun Things to Do in Boise

If you’re heading to Boise any time soon, don’t miss out on these excellent points of interest. Save this list of things to do in Boise and take it with you on your trip. Next, learn about the best places to visit in Thailand, Dubai, and more. Get all the best travel news and tips on our Travel blog.

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