What to see in one day in Yerevan: attractions, food and fun

Yerevan is a surprising city. In fact, many visitors go there for a day and discover that they need to come back for more. The list of what to see in Yerevan is long, and to choose what to do in just 1 day can be a difficult task. To help you make the most of your one day in Yerevan, we created a one-day trip that combines art, food, and fun.

Our guide of what to see in Armenia in one day will take you to top attractions, iconic places, and tasty food. If the weather is good you can explore the city on foot, or if you prefer you can travel with a metro. 

Visit Republic Square-Dancing Fountains 

Our Yerevan one day itinerary must start at the Republic Square. This is one of the coolest stations in Armenia and it’ll set the artistic mood for your day in Yerevan. 

Take some time to admire the beautiful architecture and even enjoy singing and dancing fountains. There is an interesting story, fountains consist of 2750 water streams, due to Yerevan’s 2750 anniversary


Stop at Vernissage Market for historical and cool souvenirs

For artistic and unique souvenirs, stop at the Vernissage Market at along Aram and Buzand Street and buy a special gift to take a piece of Armenia with you. It is situated in the center of Yerevan near Republic Square. Everything there is made by Armenian design. Here you can find the best examples of Armenian folk art, unique jewelry, exclusive handmade craftsmanship, carved wood, lace, carpets, and t-shirts. 


 See pink buildings and street art in Northern Avenue

Walkthrough Northern Avenue and search for more cool buildings and street art Northern Avenue has beautiful architecture, and if the sun is shining, sit and relax. 


National Food

By this time you are probably tired and hungry. While most of the food in Armenia like in all other old Soviet countries are heavily meat-based, but they also have some delicious vegetarian surprises. The best and most common dish which is also considered as the national dish is called Lahmajoon, bread with the center of it filled with meat but it also includes parsley, diced tomato, green peppers, onions. 


Armenian churches

Yerevan has many churches, but when you are here for one day only, just visit one or two. I would recommend you to stop at the city cathedral Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral. It was built in 2001 and with that, it has still been the largest cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the world. You can visit it in the evening and in the morning and you are still can’t decide which time you like best. The second church you will want to visit is close to the city and is now mainly popular for wedding ceremonies among locals. Remember the name Saint Sarkis Cathedral. It was developed in 1842, near Hrazdan River.


Mother Armenia monument

Mother Armenia Monument is located on a high hill overlooking the city, in Victory Park, opened in 1950 where you can walk up. You will enjoy a panoramic view while riding over the city. The monument has Armenian three-nave Basilica church shape and has a height of 52 meters.


Yerevan Cascade

Yerevan Cascade is my and all visitors favorite place in Yerevan. This has unique architecture and is made of 600 steps at a height of 990 feet. When you climb these huge stairs than you will enjoy the view of central Yerevan. If you think 600 steps too daunting, then don’t worry we have an escalator inside the cascade which goes up. From there you can see whole Yerevan, the view is amazingly beautiful. You can visit it in the evening and in the morning and you are still can’t decide which time you like more.


Enjoy the local nightlife

The partying and clubbing culture has become a lifestyle and music is a favorite thing in Yerevan. There are many local bars spread around the city, from small jazz clubs to pubs, popular by the locals and foreigners. Yerevan has many cafes and people really like dressing up and looking great as well as sitting in these cafes and relaxing.


Don’t be surprised if this day takes an unexpected detour. Yerevan is one of the most unpredictable cities in the world and its people warm and hospitable.  A simple lunch may turn into feasting with new friends. The difference with Yerevan is that it doesn’t let you go.

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